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DI Board, Presidential Forum discuss name, image and likeness issues

Both groups reaffirm principles adopted by the NCAA Board of Governors

Both the Division I Board of Directors and the Division I Presidential Forum discussed name, image and likeness issues, a conversation that led to broader consideration of potentially updating NCAA rules in other areas. The Forum met Wednesday and the board Thursday at the NCAA Convention in Anaheim, California.

Both groups heard updates from the Division I Legislative Solutions Group and the three subgroups studying different aspects of name, image and likeness: group licensing, individual licensing and student-athlete work product. The plan and timeline for future conversations also was discussed.

Board and forum members provided feedback, including the desire to adopt rules and policies that more fully integrate student-athletes into the college experience, a plan originally articulated in the Forum’s Charting the Course initiative finalized in 2018.

The groups reaffirmed principles adopted by the NCAA Board of Governors, including that student-athletes should not become employees of their schools and that rules should be transparent and enforceable and should protect the recruiting process that sets college sports apart from professional and other sports. 

The board and forum also reiterated that college athletes should have access to the same opportunities as their peers who don’t participate in sports, unless reasons exist to diverge from that standard, such as protecting the recruiting process.

Gender equity and diversity in sports also was important to board and forum members, including protecting opportunities for women and those who participate in Olympic sports. These issues are all part of the board’s strategic areas of emphasis for 2018-2023.

The board also placed a moratorium on new single-sport conference applications in Division I until July 1, 2021.  The moratorium provides time for the completion of the ongoing review of the finances of Division I championships. The current single-sport conference application process and criteria are part of that review.