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Certification resource debuts

Online tool aimed at helping compliance administrators

Division I administrators have a new resource they can use to help them learn, structure and manage the eligibility certification process on their campus.

The online resource aims to help athletics staff new to the certification process or with minimal experience navigate a process that can be complex. Your NCAA Certification Resource includes an online course, bylaw explanations and tools such as a timeline builder, which administrators can use to stay on track throughout the year.

Additional resources include tips on how to improve processes, job-specific tips, and an interactive video that provides different scenarios and assistance on how to resolve them.

 “You have to learn (certification) as on-the-job training," said Katy Yurk, associate director of academic and membership affairs. "This is designed to be an educational tool to help with that.”

The resource is not meant to replace the Division I Manual; in fact, it links to pertinent sections of Bylaw 14. The information is intended to spur questions that can be answered by NCAA national office staff or at the conference level.

The resource emerged from the Committee on Academics review of the Division I Academic Performance Program and the assistance provided to limited-resource schools and historically black colleges and universities through that program. A separate task force examining issues faced by limited-resource schools and HBCUs identified a need for easily accessible education resources to teach about the certification process.

A third-party vendor, Bottom Line Performance, constructed the resource. Before beginning work, the vendor visited a member school for a first-hand look at all that certification entails.

Ultimately, the goal of Your NCAA Certification Resource is to help people new to certification better understand their role.