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Certain straight-line collision drills in football prohibited in Division III

Division III Administrative Committee approves prohibition of certain football drills designed to create straight-line collision

The Division III Administrative Committee has approved as noncontroversial legislation the recommendation to prohibit certain athletics activities that encourage or create the type of straight-line contact that is not commonly utilized in football competition. 

The specific prohibited athletics activities are outlined in the policies and procedures established and maintained by the Division III Football Committee and the Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports. As noncontroversial legislation in effect immediately, the proposal will be added for ratification at the 2022 NCAA Convention. 

The Division III Interpretations and Legislation Committee recommended the prohibition following a review of data at the 2021 Football Concussion Task Force meeting that suggested head impact exposure may occur more often during the preseason as compared to the regular season. Division III created a division-specific Division III Football Concussion Task Force Working Group to review the data and other relevant information in more detail and propose recommendations. Multiple stakeholders provided feedback leading to the proposed legislation, which is intended to enhance student-athlete safety through the prohibition of these certain drills that encourage the type of straight-line contact that is not commonly utilized in football competition. 

A survey completed by 92% of Division III football coaches showed most supported the legislative action. 

“Across the division, we are committed to the safety of our student-athletes,” said Troy Hammond, vice chair of the Division III Presidents Council and president at North Central (Illinois). “Prohibiting these straight-line contact drills that are not common to the sport is consistent with our goal of reducing the head impact exposure for our football student-athletes.”