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Board of Governors approves changes to subcommittee

Group changes charter, name of administrative subcommittee to improve effectiveness

During its meeting Wednesday at the NCAA Convention in San Antonio, the NCAA Board of Governors revised the charter for its administrative subcommittee and renamed it the Board of Governors Executive Committee in moves designed to improve the board’s efficiency.  

The subcommittee will be responsible for acting on the board’s behalf in between its regular quarterly meetings on limited issues, allowing the board to govern in a nimbler, more efficient manner. It will be made up of a subset of the Board of Governors, led by the board’s chair and vice chair, along with the chairs of each division’s presidential bodies – the Division I Board of Directors and the Divisions II and III Presidents Councils.

The Board of Governors Executive Committee’s new charter empowers it with initiating and settling litigation, managing matters related to executive compensation and other regular duties managed by the Board of Governors.

The charter and name change are the latest evolutions in the board’s makeup that are intended to improve its operational effectiveness. Previous changes included a change in the governing body’s name to better reflect its role in the NCAA governance process and higher education, as well as creating a vice chair, which provided more diversity in the board’s leadership by requiring the chair and vice chair to be selected from different divisions.

In other business, the Board of Governors approved the distribution of $23.4 million in unreserved net assets to Division I members. The funds will be distributed in February.