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AlumNation will launch at the 2016 Women’s Final Four

As part of AlumNation, former players will receive tickets to all of the Divisions I, II and III games during the Women’s Final Four

Homecoming unites current students, alumni, faculty and staff around a sporting event and builds excitement on campus. From tailgate parties to football games to class reunions, homecoming weekend rekindles a sense of university pride among those who continue to come back long after graduation. 

As the NCAA staff began preparations for the 35th anniversary of our women’s basketball championship and first-ever combined championships for all three NCAA divisions, we thought about ways we could create that same tradition for women’s basketball. We have so much to be proud of with our sport and all of the individuals who helped build our game, so why not celebrate that at the 2016 Women’s Final Four in Indianapolis?

Our initial thoughts eventually led to creating AlumNation, the exclusive Women’s Final Four experience for NCAA women’s basketball alumni. The AlumNation experience brings together many of the great homecoming traditions into one ticket package. Former players will receive tickets to all of the Divisions I, II and III games during the Women’s Final Four to create the best alumni section in women’s basketball history. In addition, former players will get a commemorative gift bag, an invitation to an alumni celebration before the Division I national semifinals, networking opportunities, admission to the events and activities for all ages surrounding the Women’s Final Four weekend. 

You can check out one former player who will be in attendance here, and she will be joined by women’s basketball alumni representing universities across the country, a list that already includes: Louisiana Tech University (our first NCAA national champion), The Ohio State University, Princeton University, Niagara University and many more from all three divisions. We cannot wait to bring this impressive group of women’s basketball alumni together during such a special year for our sport, and we want your women’s basketball program to be represented as well.

You can help us spread the word about AlumNation by sharing this information directly with your women’s basketball program and alumni and encouraging them to be a part of this  alumni celebration at the Women’s Final Four. Check out the “Starting 5 Challenge” that you can use to get the conversation started among your women’s basketball alumni. With your help, we can get #AlumNation trending among former women’s basketball student-athletes and provide them with the reunion and recognition that they deserve this April in Indianapolis.

If you have any questions about AlumNation or would like more informational materials to share with your women’s basketball program and alumni, email me, Lauren Battista, at I am a former player and national champion at Division II Bentley University,  and the Women’s Final Four has offered me a chance to reconnect with my former teammates and even college rivals who are now my lifelong friends. Each time I attend, I am reminded how tightly knit our women’s basketball community is.  Now, as a member of the NCAA women’s basketball staff, I am thrilled to not only help bring all three national championships to one city, but also to have the opportunity to celebrate my teammates, rivals and role models who join me in AlumNation.