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9 schools added to NCAA-DOD concussion study

Largest study of its kind expanding to 30 institutions

Nine schools have been added to the largest-ever study of concussion in sport.

The NCAA-Department of Defense Concussion Assessment, Research and Education Consortium study enters its third year this summer and now includes 30 institutions across the country. The nine new schools will begin baseline screening for all their student-athletes this summer.

More than 170 schools have inquired about taking part in the study.

All student-athletes at each of the participating institutions receive a comprehensive preseason evaluation for concussion and will be monitored in the event of an injury. Data collected at each school are evaluated by a team of researchers led by Steven Broglio, director of the University of Michigan’s NeuroTrauma Research Laboratory; Michael McCrea, director of brain injury research at the Medical College of Wisconsin; and Tom McAllister, chair of the Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry.

The researchers have collected more than 25 million data points from 16,000 student-athletes at the 21 institutions already participating. After adding nine new testing sites, researchers estimate that more than 25,000 student-athletes will take part over the course of the three-year study.

“The important expansion of the CARE Consortium to include a diversity of Division I, Division II, Division III and historically black college and university participants further solidifies this study as a groundbreaking initiative,” said Brian Hainline, NCAA chief medical officer. “It is a remarkable collaborative and inclusive effort.” 

The NCAA and DOD have dedicated $30 million to the concussion study and an initiative to spur culture change regarding concussion. Participating schools receive a portion of that funding to cover the cost of carrying out the research.

New participants in the CARE Consortium study

  • Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania – Division II
  • University of Chicago – Division III
  • University of Miami (Florida) – Division I
  • University of North Georgia – Division II
  • University of Pennsylvania – Division I
  • Temple University – Division I
  • Wake Forest University – Division I
  • Wilmington College (Ohio) – Division III
  • Winston-Salem State University – Division II