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2018 Convention legislation: Division III

Delegates to consider academic misconduct rules, graduate transfers, amending SAAC’s structure

Division III members will vote on nine proposals — and one key amendment — at the 2018 NCAA Convention next week in Indianapolis. Among other proposals, delegates will decide whether to clarify rules regarding academic misconduct, eliminate the legislated sanctions associated with sports wagering and how, if at all, to amend the structure of the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. The voting will take place at the Division III Business Session, which begins at 8 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 20.

The Division III Issues Forum will take place from 8 to 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. 19. The event will be highlighted by three different discussions: ethics and athletics, enrollment management, and a review of legislative proposals members will vote on the next day. Each will feature a question-and-answer session. In addition, a local Special Olympic athlete will give a brief presentation, highlighting the positive impact the Special Olympics and the group’s partnership with Division III has had on his life.

Educational sessions also will be available to Convention attendees. Division III topics will include establishing a campus-wide culture of compliance, building an ethical culture in an athletics department, and how to provide mental health support for student-athletes, coaches and staff.

See here for more information regarding Division III events at the 2018 Convention.

Proposal Sponsor Division II committee position What would it change?
2018-1: Academic misconduct and impermissible academic assistance Presidents Council (Management Council; Interpretations and Legislation Committee)

SAAC: Support

  • Better define academic misconduct, both before and after enrollment. · Clarify which activities and individuals are subject to the legislation.
  • Clarify when an institution must report an academic misconduct violation.
2018-2: Eliminate legislated sports wagering sanctions Presidents Council (Management Council; Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee)

SAAC: Support

  • Permit sports wagering cases to be reviewed on an individual basis rather than be subject to standard legislated sanctions.
  • Provide those found to have violated sports wagering rules an opportunity to appeal.
2018-3: Change SAAC composition Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference; Great Northeast Athletic Conference; State University of New York Athletic Conference Presidents Council: Oppose   Management Council: Oppose   SAAC: Support (though prefers subsequent amended proposal)
  • Provide each conference (and the group of independent schools) one voting member on the national SAAC, effectively doubling the committee’s size.
2018-3-1: Create partner conference SAAC liaison Presidents Council (Management Council)

Each conference not represented on SAAC would have a liaison to the committee.

  • The liaison wouldn’t have voting power, but would have access to some SAAC meetings and conference calls, and would regularly engage with a partner on the committee.
2018-4: Graduate and postbaccalaureate eligibility among students graduating from DIII institutions Presidents Council (Management Council; Subcommittee for Legislative Relief) SAAC: Support
  • · Permit those who have graduated from Division III institutions and have remaining athletics eligibility to compete at another Division III institution.
  • Students must be seeking a second baccalaureate or graduate degree, and participation must occur in the legislated 10-semester/15-quarter period.
2018-5: Football preseason start date Presidents Council (Management Council; Playing and Practice Seasons Subcommittee) SAAC: Support
  • Make first permissible practice date 25 days before first permissible Saturday contest date. · Ensure a day off of physical athletically related activities during the first six days of preseason and a day off of physical athletically related activities during each remaining week of the preseason.
  • On-field activity cannot exceed four hours per day and no practice session can last more than three hours.
2018-6: Alumni contest exemption Six Division III conferences Management Council: No position   SAAC: Support
  • Add an exemption for one annual alumni contest per sport (except for football).
  • Alumni contest would not count against the two permitted exhibitions, scrimmages or joint practices.
2018-7: First permissible basketball contest date Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference; State University of New York Athletic Conference Management Council: Support   Playing and Practice Seasons Subcommittee: Support   SAAC: Support
  • Make Nov. 8 the first permissible contest date in basketball.
  • When Nov. 8 falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, first game may be held on the preceding Friday.
2018-8: First permissible on-ice practice date in ice hockey Middle Atlantic Conferences and Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Management Council: Support   Playing and Practice Seasons Subcommittee: Support   SAAC: Support
  • Establish second Monday in October as the first permissible on-ice practice date.
  • Does not change the first permissible contest date.
2018-9: Institutional, charitable, educational or nonprofit promotions Management Council (Interpretations and Legislation Committee) SAAC: Support
  • Require institutions to provide educational material to a charitable, educational, nonprofit or government agency that plans to use a student-athlete’s name, image or appearance regarding restrictions of that use.
  • Educational material provided in lieu of securing a signature from a representative of one of those groups.

Please refer to the 2018 Division III Official Notice for more information.