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2018 Convention legislation: Division II

Delegates to consider membership for schools in Mexico, four other proposals

Division II delegates will decide whether to permit colleges and universities in Mexico to apply for Division II membership and also determine the fate of four other legislative proposals next week at the 2018 NCAA Convention. A representative from every Division II school and conference, as well as the national Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, will vote on the five proposals at the Division II business session Jan. 20 in Indianapolis.

The first vote of this year’s legislative slate could make Division II the first division in the NCAA to accept Mexican schools into its membership. Since 2008, the division has been the only one that accepts applications from Canadian schools, and currently has one Canadian member, Simon Fraser.

Delegates also will decide whether to eliminate the legislated penalty for sports wagering, loosen restrictions on student-athlete awards, move up the start of preseason practice in football and move up the date of first competition in women’s volleyball in years in which the Division II Fall National Championships Festival occurs.

Earlier in the week, Division II attendees will have the opportunity to attend educational sessions on the Division II “Culture of Compliance Review”; the Division II Foundation for the Future initiative; the role of the senior woman administrator and the faculty athletics representative; ideas for running a championship with varied resources; and best practices for campus and conference student-athlete advisory committees. The Division II keynote session will occur Jan. 19 and will feature Gail Marquis, a former student-athlete at Queens College (New York), Olympian and current director of community relations for the New Jersey City University School of Business. For more information on Division II events at Convention, click here.

Proposal Sponsor Division II committee position What would it change?
2018-1: Membership for schools in Mexico California Collegiate Athletic Association; Great Northwest Athletic Conference; Pacific West Conference. Presidents Council: Support
Management Council: Support
Membership Committee: Support
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee: Support
  • Would enable colleges and universities located in Mexico to apply for Division II membership. Read more.
2018-2: Legislated penalty for sports wagering Presidents Council (Management Council; Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement). SAAC: Support
  • Would eliminate the legislated penalty for sports wagering and allow sports wagering violations to be reviewed and penalties determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Also would provide an appellate opportunity.
2018-3: Student-athlete awards Presidents Council (Management Council; Legislation Committee). SAAC: Support
  • Would provide greater flexibility for student-athletes to receive awards for competitions in which they are not representing their institution. For outside competition, any limitations on awards would be determined by the amateur organization that governs the competition. 
  • Would increase the maximum value of the annual participation award for a senior by $100 and increase the maximum value for all other participation awards by $50.
  • Would eliminate the restrictions on the type of award that can be provided for a special performance in a single contest or during a limited time period (e.g., player of the week).  
2018-4: Football preseason practice start date Presidents Council (Management Council; Championships Committee). SAAC: Support
  • Would allow football teams to begin preseason practice three days earlier — 24 days before the first permissible contest or 10 days before the school’s first day of classes, whichever is earlier.
  • Would codify the permissible start date that was applied last season through a blanket waiver, which allowed more time for teams to prepare for the season after two-a-day practices were eliminated. Read more.
2018-5: Competition start date for women’s volleyball East Coast Conference; Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association. Presidents Council: Oppose
Management Council: Support
Legislation Committee: Support
Championships Committee: No position
Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports: No position
SAAC: Support
  • Would move up the date of first competition in women’s volleyball by one week in years in which the Division II National Championships Festival occurs in the fall, a situation that occurs every four years.