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Student-Athlete Leadership Training

The 2021 summer Student-Athlete Leadership Training session will equip participating student-athletes with vital personal development skills that will serve them on and off the field of competition. The two-day virtual immersive leadership training will feature transformational keynote speakers, virtual community service, a small-group engagement focus, and impactful curriculum for attending student-athletes. 

Key dates

  • April 7, 2021: Application opens (8 a.m. Eastern time)

  • May 3, 2021: Application closes (5 p.m. Eastern time)

  • Week of May 17, 2021: Applicants are notified of their acceptance to the training

  • June 17-18, 2021: Student-Athlete Leadership Training session dates

What You’ll Learn

The theme of the two-day developmental program is “What’s Your Leadership DNA?” You will gain an understanding of the importance of leading yourself before leading others and how to live out your personal values on a daily basis. Through your attendance, you will be better equipped to recognize emotions and articulate the impact they have on your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. You will walk away from the program with a refined ability to articulate your personal leadership traits and style.

The session will provide you with opportunities to discover your leadership identity and the qualities that make your leadership DNA unique. You will understand the impact self-awareness has on influencing others through in-depth leadership assessments. The training session will equip you with the skills you need to thrive as a leader on your campus and prepare you to continue your impact when your competitive athletic days come to an end. This leadership program is designed to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today, building your confidence as a leader and stock your toolkit with vital skills necessary to thrive when influencing others. 

Who is Eligible

All student-athletes who have completed at least two academic semesters by the start of the training are eligible to be nominated and apply, including those who have graduated in the 2020-21 academic year.  Student-athletes from all divisions and sports are encouraged to apply. 

How to Apply

Athletics administrators are strongly encouraged to seek out student-athlete interest in the Student-Athlete Leadership Training, walking through the objectives of the program and commitment required of participants.

Athletics directors, senior woman administrators or student-athlete affairs administrators may nominate student-athletes via the “Nominator” tab in the NCAA Program Hub by entering the interested applicants’ first and last names and email addresses. Please note: The program’s nominations are listed under the title, “2021 Virtual Student-Athlete Leadership Training.”

Division I and III administrators are able to nominate up to three student-athletes, while Division II administrators are able to nominate up to four participants.

Nominated student-athletes will receive an email that directs them to the NCAA Program Hub to complete a profile and submit their application through the “Application” tab. 

All application materials must be submitted by the nominated student-athlete.


For information about the NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Training session, email