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NCAA Leadership Collective

The NCAA is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion across college athletics. The NCAA Leadership Collective serves as a tool to progress toward an environment of diverse representation in collegiate coaching and athletics administration. The Leadership Collective is an interactive and user-friendly platform, which highlights the vast professional accomplishments of ethnic minorities within college sports through customizable, in-depth personal profiles.

What benefit does the Leadership Collective provide?

The Leadership Collective serves to encourage membership participation and demonstrate the NCAA’s commitment to promoting cultural diversity and equity in college sports, in conjunction with the NCAA Presidential Pledge campaign. The Leadership Collective will serve to answer the commonly posed question, “Where can I find qualified minority candidates?”

Through the showcase of the achievements of its users, the NCAA Leadership Collective will help NCAA member school and athletics conference executives diversify their talent lists and be more inclusive when making personnel decisions. The resource can be used for hiring senior staff, making committee appointments, finding speakers and filling other related needs. By elevating the prominence of talented minority administrators and coaches across the college sports landscape, the NCAA continues to work toward its commitment to having athletics leadership reflect the student-athlete population it serves.

How does the Leadership Collective work?

The Leadership Collective will feature two designations: “members” who will populate the system with public profiles and “searchers” who are those with the ability to search and view profiles within the system. The “searcher” category is populated by directors of athletics, conference commissioners, member school presidents, search firm executives, and others with hiring authority for senior-level athletics positions.

Members must submit an application (in the “How to apply” section below) to gain access to the Leadership Collective. Once the application is reviewed, assessing whether the applicant meets all eligibility criteria, the applicant will receive an approval granting the ability to create a profile in the platform.

Who is eligible to apply to create a profile in the Leadership Collective?

Full-time administrators and coaches at NCAA member schools or conference offices fulfilling the criteria below may apply to upload their information in the Leadership Collective. All individuals who apply to the Leadership Collective must identify as ethnic minorities.

  • Administrator criteria.
    • Serves on the senior leadership team within an athletics department or at the conference office level.
    • Has at least five years of athletics administrative experience on campus, at a conference office or in an athletics affiliate organization.
  • Coach criteria.
    • Be a coach from any NCAA-sponsored sports. Applicants may be full or part time to access the system.
    • Has at least five years of coaching experience at the collegiate level.
    • Demonstrates ability to clearly communicate/articulate a personal coaching philosophy and a vision for a program to key stakeholders.
    • Shows dedication to self-improvement/professional development.

How to apply

The online application to the NCAA Leadership Collective is available via the link below:

Applicants must submit a personal statement articulating their interest in creating a profile within the Leadership Collective as part of their application. This will be requested after your initial application is submitted.

Please note: Searchers (ADs, presidents, conference commissioners) do not need to apply to the Leadership Collective. Those individuals will receive credentials directly through an NCAA invitation.



Should you have additional questions about the NCAA Leadership Collective, please contact