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NCAA, AFCA Host Future Football Coaches Academy

The NCAA, in conjunction with the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), has invited former football student-athletes who have recently graduated and coaches who want to pursue careers in the college football coaching profession to the 2014 Future Football Coaches Academy.   The academy is Jan. 12-14 and will be held during the AFCA Convention in Indianapolis.

The Future Football Coaches Academy is a leadership development program that provides recent college graduates who are beginning their careers and coaches who have been out of the college coaching ranks for a few years with the understanding and a realistic viewpoint of what the coaching profession entails.   The 30 participants who were invited will be educated on how to secure coaching jobs in football, how to network with coaches and administrators, how to manage the job, and how to excel as a coach at the intercollegiate level.   Additionally, they will learn:

  • How their personal values intersect with football coaching opportunities.
  • How behavioral styles impact individual effectiveness as a football coach.
  • How to gather information on personal growth and development within entry-level football coaching positions.
  • How to gain a realistic viewpoint of the role of an entry-level football coach.
  • How to pursue coaching careers in the collegiate landscape.


 “The Future Football Coaches Academy is a great opportunity because it takes individuals who have a desire to coach in the college ranks and puts them in a setting where they can learn first-hand what it takes to be a successful coach and how to network in a setting where you might have individuals looking to fill entry-level and graduate assistant positions or assistant football coaching positions,” said Curtis Hollomon, director of NCAA Leadership Development.   “The program is another example of how the NCAA and AFCA can help educate young coaches and prepare them for a successful career in the future.” 

The participants will also be paired with current head coaches for a day, which will allow them better opportunities to interact with other head football coaches and decision makers during the AFCA convention.   Key speakers during the academy include current and former college head coaches, athletics administrators and NCAA staff. 

The selected individuals were chosen from a national pool of recent college graduates, a committee of former head football coaches, and collegiate athletic administrators.  Participants also had to submit a resume and a personal statement in their applications.