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Achieving Communication Success Workshop

A three-day immersive educational experience in which senior-level administrators craft and perfect their personal messaging, this program helps participants develop communication skills that are vital to expanding their leadership capabilities in college sports. The program strengthens skills participants need in their current roles and prepares them to thrive in future opportunities. This workshop is an outgrowth of the NCAA Board of Governors’ commitment to diversity and inclusion.

What You’ll Learn

With the help of communication industry experts, participants develop strategies and tactics to learn how to deliver their message — both internally to campus constituents and externally to media representatives, hiring managers and invested stakeholders. Through on- and off-camera interviews, group discussions and real-time feedback, participants improve their communication skills, both personally and professionally. Key programming components include understanding an audience, communicating through the media, the art of the effective presentation and how to manage internal communication as a senior leader.

At the heart of the Achieving Communication Success Workshop sits the development of a personal narrative: a five-minute statement that answers the intimidating and decisive “tell me about yourself” question so often posed in the job search. Those who complete the workshop emerge with a renewed ability to tell their story, preparing them to serve as their biggest advocate and secure a job offer when presented the opportunity. After integrating into a supportive cohort and engaging with deeply invested consultants, participants return to campus with a refined ability to communicate effectively at all levels and a strengthened self-awareness that translates to future career and personal success.

Who is Eligible

Ethnic minority senior-level athletics administrators from NCAA member schools or conference offices are eligible for selection. Leadership development staff members identify participants by consulting with NCAA governance staff, member-led committees and affiliate organizations.

This workshop is offered twice each year. The October session takes place in conjunction with the Women Leaders in College Sports National Convention, so Women Leaders collaborates with NCAA leadership development to select those participants.


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