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Title IX and Gender Equity Videos

2012 NCAA Convention Session -- Title IX: The Latest Developments and Trends:  Panelist Bios   Presentation

2011 NCAA Gender Equity Forum Video:

Title IX Overview – Karen Morrison and Janet Judge 
Title IX and Sexual Harassment – Neena Chaudhry 
Advancing Women – Donna Lopiano 
Protecting the Student-athlete Experience – Mariah Burton Nelson 
Creating Positive Climates for LGBT Student-athletes - Pat Griffin & Taylor Hudson 
Counting Participation Opportunities - Erin Buzuvis & Tim O'Brien
Title VII & Equal Pay - Tim O'Brien

NCAA Beyond the Baseline - video clip for young audiences

Janet Judge

  • What is the legal impact of the U.S. Department of Education's interpretations & regulations?
  • Can an institution just drop sports in order to come into compliance?
  • Will increased female enrollment bring an adjustment to previous OCR interpretations?
  • How are junior varsity programs affected?
  • What are the concerns with friends clubs, booster clubs or donations made to specific sports teams?
  • What if the sport for women is a new sport and there is no alumni to draw from for fundraising opportunities?
  • Why is prong one based on participation opportunities rather than actual participants?

Christine Grant

  • Why do we need Title IX?
  • Do institutions have to construct equivalent facilities for men's and women's teams?
  • Why is proportionality still being included in the three-prong test?
  • If football and basketball make all the money, why not give all money back to those teams?
  • Explain "arms race" and how it affects gender equity on campus?
  • What is the advantage to having a broad-based program of sports offerings?
  • What would you say to young female athletes?
  • Message to senior executive officers on NCAA campuses?

Judy Sweet

Myles Brand, President, NCAA

  • Is Title IX cannibalizing men's sports?

Peg Bradley-Doppes, Director of Athletics, UNC-Wilmington

  • What does Title IX say?

Judith Sweet, Senior Vice President, NCAA

  • What is gender equity?
  • What is Title IX?
  • How is Title IX compliance assessed?
  • Does Title IX require that equal dollars be spent on men's and women's sports?
  • Who is responsible for enforcing Title IX?
  • How does an institution comply with Title IX?
  • How to establish a Gender Equity Plan for your campus.

Peg Bradley-Doppes, Director of Athletics, UNC-Wilmington

  • The importance of Title IX compliance.

Myles Brand, President, NCAA

  • What are you doing to ensure that Title IX is enforced?

Bernard Franklin

  • The status of Title IX in college athletics.

Kenneth L. Marcus

  • Title IX enforcement by the U.S. Department of Education.