Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign

In Partnership with the Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee (MOIC) and Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAACs).

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Tips for Engaging your Campus in the Campaign

Don’t know where to start? Here are general tips for engagement during the campaign week.

  • Encourage participants to think of diversity and inclusion not just in terms of race and gender, but rather acknowledge the whole spectrum of diversity (including diversity that is often rooted in invisible identities such as sexual orientation, (dis)ability, religion, socioeconomic status, national origin, or first-generation status).
  • Recognize that diversity celebrates the various dimensions of identity and experience that make us unique, while inclusion refers to the intentional act of leveraging diversity to reap the benefits of working together despite our differences.
  • Highlight the administrators, faculty, programs, alumni and great things that make your campus or conference unique.
  • Encourage wide participation by asking your friends, fellow teammates, members of campus student groups and classmates to join the campaign.
  • Highlight departments that focus on diversity and inclusion work – such as accessibility/disability services, multicultural affairs offices, American studies, cultural studies, ethnic studies, gender studies, queer studies, women’s studies, etc.
  • Work with your school’s alumni association and athletics department to identify alumni from historically underrepresented groups who were student-athletes at the school.
  • Representation is key – especially for student-athletes holding minoritized identities. Use the campaign to highlight the diversity of your athletics department and/or campus community as a whole.
  • Don’t be afraid to make use of campus resources that are already available to you. Reach out to diversity and inclusion offices on campus and gather ideas from people within this field who can help you create campaign materials and increase reach to a larger audience during the campaign.
  • Use various social media platforms to share messages, posts, tweets, videos and images highlighting the campaign, its objectives and daily themes. Use the unique strengths of each social media platform. Of course, you can post materials on multiple platforms to increase engagement with followers!
    • Facebook: Facebook will give student-athletes and participants the opportunity to share posts, photos, or videos based on their participation for each day. Once student-athletes create their own post, they can choose to tag their friends or school and encourage them to do the same and share it on their page as well. Student-athletes can also create their very own Story by using the “Add to Story” feature, which will showcase their photos or videos. SAAC representatives and athletic departments can create a Facebook page for their school designed just for the campaign, and create posts that will focus on the theme for each day. Posts that they create can be shared with student-athlete friends on Facebook, and those who run the Facebook page for each school can also create polls that are focused on each day’s theme.
    • Twitter: Student-athletes can use Twitter to post photos, videos, and tweets that they create based around each day’s theme, accompanied with the hashtag #NCAAInclusion. Student-athletes can also create Twitter threads related to the campaign that will help them discuss a topic on a more in-depth level with each other. Schools can utilize their athletics Twitter accounts to create tweets that are centered around each individual daily theme, along with retweeting posts from student-athletes who share photos and/or videos as part of their campaign activities.
    • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform that not only works well for student-athletes, but also for student-athlete alumni. Alumni can share links to other websites that are related to the campaign, such as a resources page, or a page with different job openings for student-athletes to see. By using LinkedIn as a social media platform for this year’s campaign, alumni have the opportunity to share their insights on the daily campaign themes.

Given the success of the inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign in 2018, and the success of the 2019 Diversity and Inclusion campaign, you may also want to share the campaign highlight video with student-athletes, coaches and administrators to get them excited about this year’s campaign. Check out the highlight video from last year at the top of this page.

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