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Planning to Advance Racial Equity

The NCAA identified eight action items to address racial justice and equity at the national office and among the membership. The goals of these action items are to provide tools that foster a culture that advances racial equity and improves ways to engage student-athletes, particularly student-athletes of color.

The initial actions to advance racial justice and equity:

  1. Conduct or host programming for national office staff and the membership.
  2. Review policies and procedures (and other manuals) for inclusive language.
  3. Implement unconscious bias training for all national office staff and add it as part of the onboarding process for new employees.
  4. Engage and provide service to the local community.
  5. Enact a consortium with external organizations, businesses and associations to develop solutions and actionable efforts to address the issues of racism in society.
  6. Review initial-eligibility requirements, specifically the requirement for the SAT/ACT.
  7. Review the NCAA Academic Progress Rate and its impact on historically Black colleges and universities and other limited-resource schools.
  8. Work with coaches' associations to seek student-athlete input and participation in changes to conference-level and national-level rules and policies.