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Diversity Education Training Workshops

The NCAA annually conducts on-campus diversity education workshops. These four-hour diversity workshops provide opportunities for student-athletes, coaches, athletics administrators, faculty and staff to enhance their understanding and respect for multiculturalism and diversity. The workshops provide a positive learning environment that teaches the values of diversity in maximizing team effectiveness.

 The NCAA provides a facilitator and training materials at no cost. The institution or conference office is responsible for the following: 

1. Guaranteeing not less than 20 and not more than 40 participants per session.
2. Provide lodging for the facilitator (if necessary).
3. A meeting location.
4. Audiovisual equipment.
5. A snack or meal during each requested session.

Multiple sessions can be scheduled to maximize attendance. In an effort to reach more institutions, a regional format is available. If you know of other institutions in the same area that are interested in applying, please coordinate your dates. 

Please be advised that there is a formal selection process and submitting an application does not guarantee your institution or conference office will receive a workshop.

Fundamental Diversity Education

This workshop effectively teaches individuals how to manage working relationships with student-athletes, coaches, athletics administrators, faculty and staff at institutions and conference offices through knowledge, awareness, cultural competence, and practice and application to college sports.

Advanced Diversity Education 

Your institution or conference office is eligible for Advanced Diversity Education if it has already participated in one or more fundamental diversity education workshops. A brief description of the workshops is provided below: 

Race- This workshop focuses on recognizing and breaking down stereotypes, creating inter-racial relationships based on trust, managing inter-racial conflict and becoming a diversity change agent.

Gender- This workshop focuses on achieving gender equity in intercollegiate athletics, legal-issue spotting and becoming a diversity change agent.

Sexual Orientation- This workshop focuses on separating behavior from beliefs and understanding how to address what if a player or coach "comes out of the closet?" and becoming a diversity change agent.

Organizational Culture and Climate- This workshop serves as a follow up session for institutions that have already completed either one or all three of the Advanced Diversity Education sessions (Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation). This session will focus on the culture and climate of an institution while taking an in-depth look at how policies, practices, procedures and principles can either enhance or impede their capacity to create an optimal working/learning culture and climate on campus.

Application - Applications must be received not later than November 15.

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Contact information

Ira Childress 
Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion