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In Partnership with the Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee (MOIC) and Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAACs).

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Day 3: “Together We Rise”

Outlining personal action steps to inclusive excellence and celebrating collaboration across the campus community

On Day 3 of the campaign (Thursday, Oct. 29), we use the final campaign day to highlight the importance of community and action in driving diversity and inclusion efforts. From the COVID-19 pandemic to increased momentum for racial justice movements, 2020 has shown us that the communities of which we are a part can be our biggest strengths and sources of support. On this day of the campaign, we call on campaign participants to showcase the strengths of their respective campus or conference university, with a particular focus placed on how diversity and inclusion enrich these communities. Let’s use the final day of the campaign to outline the various ways in which we plan to improve our communities through intentional and strategic action. Because, after all, we rise together!

Please note: This year’s campaign activity suggestions are almost exclusively focused on online activities given the uncertainties many schools face to hold in-person events and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Example Posts:

  • “TOGETHER. WE. RISE. The theme for Day 3 of this year’s NCAA Diversity & Inclusion Social Media Campaign prompts us to think about how we can enrich our communities through strategic action. Share your commitments to D&I! #NCAAInclusion”
  • “Together we rise on the final day of the NCAA Diversity & Inclusion week. We want to hear your thoughts on what YOU can do moving forward. How will you promote diversity and inclusion? #NCAAInclusion”

Engagement Level 1

Example Activities:

Activity Title: “Our Commitments for Change”

Description: Have student-athletes from different sports teams individually come up with three ways that their team can continuously work together to promote diversity and inclusion over the next year. Every student-athlete can then post their three ways on any social media platform of their choosing, either as a typed post or in photo format (e.g., student-athletes’ responses on a white board, poster board, etc.). Participants will then tag their peers to do the same, or tag their school or conference office.

Activity Title: “A Message From the AD”

Description: Ask your athletic director to record a video message capturing what diversity and inclusion means to them, and how they carry that message not only on the field but off the field as well. Ask them to speak about why centering diversity and inclusion in the fabric of the department is crucial for driving inclusive excellence. To engage your social media following, the AD can end the video with a call to action to student-athletes at their university to make a tweet promising three things they can do to further the conversation around diversity and inclusion. Alternatively, the video could feature multiple members from the leadership team to illustrate a strong commitment from athletics leadership to diversity and inclusion.

Activity Title: “Our Alumni”

Description: Work with your campus SAAC and administrators in the athletics departments to create graphics that highlight the voices of diverse student-athlete alumni from the school. How have they impacted their communities upon graduation? The graphics could feature quotes from former student-athletes who identify as members from underrepresented groups reflecting on how their time on campus has allowed them to impact their communities in various ways.

Activity Title: “Promoting Activist Voices”

Description: Over the past months, we have seen an increasing number of student-athletes engaging in activism for racial and social justice. There are great examples out there of how student-athletes have used their platform to advocate for a more just society! To kick off this campaign day focused on rising together, schedule a series of posts highlighting recent examples of student-athlete activism. To get started, check out this story: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/feature/college-athletes-using-platforms-speak-out-social-justice-issues

Engagement Level 2

Example Activities:

Activity Title: “How Can We Rise Together?”

Description: Many student-athletes have a strong sense of identification with and pride for the schools for which they compete. Create a photo campaign or or short series of videos/PSA that showcases what it means to rise together. For example, have student-athletes/coaches/administrators respond to prompts such as “What does it mean to rise together?” or “How can we make sure to collaborate so that we can rise together?” You can then either combine all of the responses into one video, or share the individual responses in shorter videos throughout the day.

Activity Title: “Rise Together”

Description: Student-athletes, athletics department members, and campaign participants can post a photo of themselves holding up a sign that shows the following statements: “We will RISE to come together. We will RISE through adversity.” Along with this photo, student-athletes can post the following question: “How do YOU plan to rise with us?” Every participant can share their response photo and post to that question on their social media. Alternatively, you can ask student-athletes to complete the sentence “We will rise by _____” and add all of those videos into one larger video or post the shorter clips throughout the day.

Activity Title: “Team Culture Meeting”

Description: Ask head and assistant coaches to hold a virtual team meeting with their student-athletes on video conference apps such as Zoom to discuss how they feel diversity and inclusion is represented through their team and what can be done to make their diversity and inclusion efforts more efficient. You may use the following questions as discussion starters:

  • How does everyone feel about team morale when it comes to diversity and inclusion?
  • How can we engage with players of different cultures and backgrounds?
  • How can we use our differences to our advantage?
  • How can we rise together?
  • How can we include diversity and inclusion in our team norms, contract, etc.?

This gives student-athletes the chance to speak about any concerns they may have about these two important factors in a team setting. A screenshot of the group can be posted on the teams’ individual social media. The team could also create a post about the outcome of the meeting (e.g., a revised team contract acknowledging the importance of diversity and inclusion to the student-athlete experience) and provide quotes from the session.

Activity Title: “To My Future Self”

Description: Create a video that is roughly one minute long directed at your future self. This can be done on any social media platform, but will be particularly impactful on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. In the video, describe different milestones you want to achieve when it comes to diversity and inclusion over the next year (e.g., “To my future self – make sure you get involved with at least one student group focused on diversity and inclusion”). These videos can then be shown during this year’s campaign. They can also be re-used for next year’s campaign, as these student-athletes can reflect on their achievements from this year.

Engagement Level 3

Example Activities:

Activity Title: “Lunch & Learn Zoom Sessions”

Description: In order to rise together, we need to be educated on how issues of diversity and inclusion affect the student-athlete experience. The 2020 campaign, and particularly the final day focused on action, would be a great outlet to host a series of Lunch & Learn sessions focused on diversity and inclusion topics. For example, you could work with diversity and inclusion offices on campus to host a virtual training session on topics such as microaggressions and bias. Alternatively, you could hold a virtual town hall that features student-athletes from underrepresented groups to share their experience with a larger audience to create awareness of their unique experiences on campus. Finally, think about inviting prominent student-athlete alumni to join one of these sessions and talk about how a sense of community found at your school has helped them succeed in life. These sessions can also be used to share diversity and inclusion strategic plans and action strategies at the departmental or university level.

Activity Title: “Virtual Diversity & Inclusion Fair”

Description: Work with your SAAC and athletics department leadership to put on a virtual diversity and inclusion fair for the last day of the campaign. Because the final day is focused on taking collaborative action, this day would be an excellent opportunity to allow members of the athletics department to connect with diversity and inclusion resources on campus. You could schedule a two-hour virtual fair that student-athletes can attend as they are able to and provide five-minute time slots to different offices, departments, faculty members, etc. committed to diversity and inclusion work on your campus and/or at your conference office. You may also use the breakout room option on Zoom to further connect student-athletes with these resources in a small group setting. Example organizations/offices/programs:

  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Black Student Union, Latino/a Student Union, etc.
  • Groups focused on gender and/or sexuality issues (e.g., Queer Student Union)
  • International Student Offices
  • TRIO Programs
  • Highlight departments that focus on diversity and inclusion work – such as women’s studies, ethnic studies, American studies, sport management, cultural studies, sociology, gender studies, queer studies, disability studies, etc.

If you are feeling comfortable to do so, you could also use an app such as “Houseparty” that allows attendees to connect with resources in a more casual setting.

Activity Title: “Virtual D & I Action Scavenger Hunt”

Description: Work with campus SAACs and/or administrators to create a virtual scavenger hunt across your campus’s social media channels focused on diversity and inclusion resources. For instance, you could put together a list of ten offices/departments/individuals with a social media presence that provide important diversity and inclusion insights or resources (ranging from offices such as a Diversity Resource Center to departments such as ethnic studies and individuals such as the Chief Diversity Officer or faculty with a focus on diversity and inclusion work*). Then, clues can be created for each of these virtual stops on the scavenger hunt, with each virtual stop (e.g., account, post, etc.) housing the clue for the next stop. Student-athletes can then be called to action to engage with those social media accounts in specific ways (e.g., retweet a recent post, like a picture, post a video, etc.) using the campaign hashtag #NCAAInclusion as they complete the scavenger hunt.

*Make sure you contact these individuals before so that they know to expect a series of student-athletes reaching out to them on social media! It is important to get their buy-in before including them in the virtual scavenger hunt.

Activity Title: “Together We Rise Collages”

Description: We have all seen collages of pictures that are arranged in a way to create a bigger picture. In collaboration with your campus sports information director or student-athletes with a passion for graphic design, put together a collage of pictures from athletics to create a powerful larger image for social justice. For example, you could arrange pictures from your athletics department to create a larger picture of a Civil Rights icon, a prominent alumnus doing social justice work, or a social justice quote focused on rising together.

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