Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign

In Partnership with the Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee (MOIC) and Student-Athlete Advisory Committees (SAACs).

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Day 2: “I’ve Got Your Back”

Showcasing student-athletes supporting each other to foster inclusive environments.

On Day 2 of the campaign (Wednesday, Oct. 28), the focus is on the power of teamwork and community in creating inclusive environments. After all, inclusion is a team sport! On this day of the campaign, we encourage student-athletes to share how being a good teammate is crucial in fostering diversity and inclusion. What does teamwork look like in the context of diversity and inclusion? How do we support each other through intentional action and active allyship? These questions can guide campaign content as we explore how we can support each other both in and out of competition.

Please note: This year’s campaign activity suggestions are almost exclusively focused on online activities given the uncertainties many schools face to hold in-person events and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Example Posts:

  • “The theme for Day 2 of the NCAA Diversity and Inclusion week: “I’ve Got Your Back!” Today is about showcasing how teamwork is crucial for inclusion. What have you down to make everyone feel welcome on your team? Tell us by using #NCAAInclusion!”
  • “It’s Day 2 of the 2020 NCAA Diversity & Inclusion Campaign and today is all about teamwork! Use the theme “I’ve Got Your Back” and #NCAAInclusion to show how supporting each other is crucial in fostering inclusive environments!”

Engagement Level 1

Example Activities:

Activity Title: “My Team’s Back”

Description: Student-athletes can post on social media the name of their school’s team that they are a member of and upload a photo of themselves wearing their team’s jersey with the caption, “I’ve got __(the name of their team’s) back”. Each student-athlete will tag their fellow peers, whether or not they are from the same university or in the same conference, to do the same. Student-athletes can also get others from different universities and conferences involved by tagging them as well. This gives student-athletes the opportunity to branch out and get their peers involved. Alternatively, student-athletes can wear a jersey from another sports team from their school. This will show that all student-athletes have each other’s backs, and are not solely focused on their own respective sports.

Activity Title: “I Pledge To Have My Team’s Back”

Description: Ask student-athletes to complete the sentence “I pledge to have my team’s back by ____” and post their response on social media. The goal of this activity is for students to understand that teamwork is not just about playing a sport, but about being supportive of one another no matter what the circumstances may be. Students will then encourage other teammates to do the same following their response.

Activity Title: “Defining Teamwork”

Description: Ask student-athletes to share personal definitions of what teamwork means to them – especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Student-athletes can record themselves sharing their definition, and those records can then be shared throughout the day via the SAAC or athletic department’s social media channels. Example: “Teamwork, to me, means supporting all members of our team – regardless of our differences. It means accepting my teammates for who they are!”

Engagement Level 2

Example Activities:

Activity Title: “My Personal MVP”

Description: Ask student-athletes from underrepresented groups (e.g., international student-athletes, student-athletes of color, LGBTQ student-athletes, Muslim student-athletes, etc.) to identify individuals at your school/in your conference office who have served as a source of support during their time on campus. Highlight these relationships on social media by asking them to share a picture with the individual they would like to recognize along with a brief quote what that person’s mentorship and support means to them. Then, ask student-athletes to nominate teammates and friends to to the same!

Example: “I was nominated to give a shout-out to a valuable team member for #NCAAInclusion week! Easy answer: Dr. Miller from the Psych Dept! When I first moved here, her family invited me over for dinner and showed me around town. She’s the real MVP! I nominate: [insert names/handles]”

Activity Title: “We Stand Together”

Description: Encourage student-athletes, SAAC members and/or athletic department staff to create a PSA that features several student-athletes from different sports teams discussing what their team environment is like and how they have been embraced into the culture of the team thus far. Whether discussing practice sessions or games, team rules, or strategies for inclusion, student-athletes can explain how their team always strives to work together as one.

Activity Title: “Black Lives Matter”

Description: We are currently facing a variety of national crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic racial injustice. Being a good team member means looking out for those individuals who face additional barriers created by racial inequity. To make a strong statement in support of racial equity, ask student-athletes to share what “Black Lives Matter” means to them. In addition, you could highlight resources for anti racist work on your campus or in your community.

Engagement Level 3

Example Activities:

Activity Title: “Getting to Know Your Team”

Description: To highlight the value teamwork and collaboration for inclusive excellence, utilize the campaign to introduce athletics staff to the student-athletes. For example, many student-athletes do not know about the designation of Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) and the important work this senior leader does on campus. Here is more information about the SWA designation: http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/inclusion/senior-woman-administrators. This challenge can be used to ask student-athletes to connect with their SWA and connect over a Zoom call or video call! Make sure to give your SWA a heads-up about the campaign before, though, so that she can block off some time on her calendar! Another person that would be a great individual to connect student-athletes with during this campaign day is the Athletics Diversity and Inclusion Designee or your school’s Chief Diversity Officer.

Activity Title: “Team Resources”

Description: Utilize your SAAC accounts to posit questions focused on team building and teamwork for student-athletes at your school to respond. Example questions/prompts:

  • What team member has had the biggest impact on your time on campus?
  • What resources on campus can you use to promote diversity and inclusion in your team?
  • When it comes to diversity and inclusion, what challenges does your team face – and how can you overcome those challenges?

Student-athletes can use their personal or team accounts to invite members of the campus community to connect with the athletics department and map out projects they can collaboratively work on to drive diversity and inclusion. For example, they could tweet at diversity and inclusion resource centers and invite them in on the conversation or invite student groups focused on diversity and inclusion work, such as th Black Student Union, LGBTQ alliances, etc.

Activity Title: “Team Jeopardy”

Description: Using the format of the Jeopardy game show, work with your sports information director and/or the university’s media relations department to create a series of Jeopardy graphics that showcase the diversity of your team (e.g., sports team, athletics department team, university community as a whole). This may also be a good opportunity to utilize the NCAA Demographics Research Database and NCAA Diversity Research Resources to come up with interesting questions showcasing diversity facts about your division, conference or campus.

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