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2020 NCAA Inclusion Summer Series

In May 2020, the NCAA office of inclusion began offering a series of inclusion-focused online programs, in response to the cancelation of the 2020 NCAA Inclusion Forum due to COVID-19. The purpose of this series is to build community, develop knowledge and skillsets, provide practical takeaways, and empower participants’ efforts on equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives on their campus.

The series comprises several programs – at least one program from each of the office of inclusion’s core areas: disability, international, LGBTQ, race/ethnicity, and women. These webinars feature student-athletes, coaches, and administrators from within the membership, as well as subject matter experts.

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Common Ground: Moving from Personal Transformation to Institutional Action.

(June 4, 2020)

Members of the Common Ground Leadership Team discuss the difference between individual efforts and systemic change, and how both impacts creating an LGBTQ inclusive environment. The Common Ground initiative was established in 2014 to provide LGBTQ individuals, individuals of faith at public and private NCAA member institutions, LGBTQ organizations and faith-based organizations an opportunity to discuss commonalities and differences and learn how to work more cohesively within athletics.

Race and Ethnicity

Creating Communities of Belonging – Part 1: Understanding the Perspectives of Student-Athletes on Racial Justice.

(June 24, 2020)

Five student-athletes share their experiences with racial inequities and how they are using their voices and platforms to advocate for racial justice in intercollegiate athletics and in their communities. The purpose of the session is to highlight the perspectives of student-athletes and to better understand how they are coping with racial inequities.

Creating Communities of Belonging – Part 2: Stronger Together – Best Practices to be Anti-Racist.

(June 25, 2020)

Social justice educators Jen Fry and Dr. Victoria Farris discuss the meaning of creating communities of belonging through an anti-racist lens and share tools, best practices and resources to support individuals, teams and athletic departments.


A Global Perspective – Part 1: International Student-Athletes Navigating Current Events in the US.

(July 20, 2020)

International student-athletes share their lived experiences navigating uncertain factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice in the United States, and new rules issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The purpose of the session is to convey the unique perspectives of international student-athletes and to better understand what athletics administrators, coaches and teammates can do to ensure these student-athletes are welcomed and supported.

A Global Perspective – Part 2: Regulatory Information to Support International Student-Athletes during COVID-19.

(July 23, 2020)

Expert panelists discuss NCAA eligibility, international admissions and student services and immigration law. The purpose of the session is to provide practical information to athletics administrators, coaches and international student-athletes about NCAA eligibility, admissions and enrollment, travel restrictions and border closures, visas and other required documentation.


SPEAK UP: You Are Not Alone – Part 1: A Former Student Athlete’s Journey with Mental Health and Well-Being.

(August 27, 2020)

Ivy Watts, a former student-athlete and 2015 NCAA Woman of the Year Top 30 Finalist, shares her struggle with mental health, how she sought help, and how she now empowers others to speak their truths and keep fighting for their tomorrows.

SPEAK UP: You Are Not Alone – Part 2: Tools and Best Practices to Support Student-Athlete Mental Health and Well-Being.

(August 28, 2020)

Mental health providers share tools, best practices, and resources to support the mental health and well-being of student-athletes.


Baseline Expectations for a Title IX Compliant Athletics Program: Athletics Equity and Sexual Harassment Prevention

October 15, 2020

Janet Judge, Holland & Knight LLP, explore the Title IX athletic equity framework and the athletics-specific impact of the new Title IX regulations, as well as the recent updates to the NCAA Board of Governors’ Policy on Campus Sexual Violence.