Division III Finances

As a non-profit organization, the NCAA puts its money where our mission is: equipping student-athletes to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom and throughout life.  Television and marketing rights fees, primarily from the Division I men’s basketball championship, generate the majority of the Association’s revenue. Most NCAA revenue returns to the membership in the form of direct distributions and services for the membership. Division III annually receives 3.18 percent of NCAA revenues, as guaranteed by the NCAA Constitution.

In April 2010, the NCAA announced a new long-term media contract with CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., worth more than $10.8 billion to present the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. The agreement began in 2011 and was set to expire in 2024.  As of April 2016, the NCAA signed an eight-year contract extension worth an additional $8.8 billion that will extend the current contract through 2032.  The Division III Presidents Council has approved, in concept, a long-range budget that will ensure the continuation of valued educational programs and initiatives, provide access to championships and continue financial support for Division III conferences for the foreseeable future.

Approximately 75 percent of the Division III budget is devoted to support the division’s 28 national championships, providing postseason competition experiences to more than 18,000 student-athletes each year.  The other 25 percent supports member schools and conferences through nonchampionship programming, educational resources and initiatives. 

Included within the nonchampionships funding is the Division III Strategic Initiatives Grant Program, often referred to as the ‘Conference Grant’ program.  Each year, NCAA Division III allocates approximately $2.5 million directly to conferences to administer educational programs and services that best meet local needs in support of the Division III strategic plan.  The estimated annual amount that is distributed to each conference, and the Association of Division III Independents, is between $39,000 and $90,000, depending on how many member institutions are in the conference.  Conferences are required to complete an annual report noting how the conference and its institutions spent dollars consistent with the goals in the Division III strategic plan.