Division I Finances

Division I schools, on average, enroll more students, manage larger athletics budgets, offer a wider array of academic programs and provide more athletics scholarships than schools in Division II and Division III.

To support these schools as they help prepare student-athletes for a lifetime of opportunity, the NCAA offers financial resources. In addition to long-standing annual financial distributions, in 2016, the NCAA’s Board of Governors and Division I Board of Directors approved two changes related to how money is distributed to Division I schools and conferences:

  • First, a $200 million one-time distribution will be used by schools for the direct benefit of student-athletes and their academic success, life skills, career success, health and safety, and student-athlete focused diversity and inclusion initiatives. Schools have discretion in using funds among these areas.
  • Second, beginning in 2019-2020, a portion of NCAA Division I revenue will be distributed to member schools based on the academic achievement of student-athletes.