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Updated Revenue Distribution System now available

See instructions below to ensure access to updated system

The NCAA’s updated Revenue Distribution System is now available for members to review distribution data and financial benefits statements dating back to 2001. The updates to the system, as well as some process changes — detailed in an April 13 memo — will allow members to receive distribution payments by June 30 of each year, which is several months earlier than previous years.

In addition to changes to how the revenue distribution information is collected, the system’s look and functionality are now more intuitive and user-friendly. Also, the way campus and conference administrators access the system is changing to be a part of the NCAA Single-Source Sign-on System (located in NCAA My Apps). This will allow schools and conferences to control who has access to the system, while also reducing the number of NCAA usernames and passwords each individual user needs to remember.

While the Report of Uses forms are not yet available, we encourage you to review and update system access now, so users can view details of the sports sponsorship distribution when they are made available next week and submit data in the Report of Uses form when it opens in early July.

Access instructions for Revenue Distribution System users

Each school and conference has a single-source sign-on administrator, and that person can provide access to users. If you already use NCAA My Apps, the single-source sign-on administrator only will have to add you as a user of the new Revenue Distribution System application. If you do not have access to NCAA My Apps, the single-source sign-on administrator can add you to the system and provide a username and password. Then, the single-source sign-on administrator can add you as a user of the Revenue Distribution System.

If you do not know who the single-source sign-on administrator is at your school or conference, contact to request the name and contact info. Once you receive that information, it is your responsibility to contact your single-source sign-on administrator to gain access.

Instructions for Single-Source Sign-On System administrators

For personnel at your school or conference to access the updated Revenue Distribution System, you must add them as users, even if they already are registered with NCAA My Apps. Giving someone access as a user will allow the person to view and submit data.

Instructions for adding users can be found in the Single-Source Sign-On Quick-Start Guide or in the more comprehensive Single-Source Sign-On Users Guide.

What if I need help?

If you have questions or need assistance with NCAA My Apps or the Single-Source Sign-On System, contact For distribution-specific questions or for questions about changes to the system’s look and functionality, contact Andrea Worlock ( or Jeff O’Barr (