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2020 NCAA Financial FAQs

What can NCAA members expect for distributions this year? 

The Board of Governors voted to distribute $225 million to Division I members. 

Of those funds, $53.6 million will be distributed through the Equal Conference Fund, which is split equally among Division I basketball-playing conferences that meet athletic and academic standards to play in the tournament. The remainder will be distributed proportionally through other NCAA funds.

When will NCAA members receive funds from the NCAA?  

This year, the revised distributions will be delivered in June. Typically, NCAA members receive annual distributions in April, May and June.

What will the impact be on Division II and III allocations? 

Division II will receive approximately $13.9 million, a $30 million decrease from the previous year. Division III will receive approximately $10.7 million, a decrease of $22 million. These amounts will fund national programs, including championships.

How much did the NCAA expect to make from the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament?  

Typically, the NCAA generates more than $800 million in revenue from the Division I men’s basketball tournament, largely from TV and marketing rights. While we will have savings from championship cancellations, we still are estimating the extent of the net loss, but we expect the impact to be substantial.

Will the NCAA use any of its reserves for this year’s distribution? 

The adjusted distributions to members will include $50 million of fixed income investments from NCAA reserves to help make up for the lost revenue. 

How much will the NCAA’s business interruption insurance cover? 

The NCAA’s event cancellation insurance policy covers up to $270 million. The insurance coverage is provided to the NCAA for its net loss due to the cancellation of the Division I men’s basketball tournament, which includes loss of both ticket and media rights-related revenue.

Will the NCAA rely on any form of credit to make up for lost revenue?

Yes. The national office will open a line of credit. The line of credit will be paid off upon receipt of the business interruption insurance reimbursement.

How much did the NCAA save on expenses for canceled events and championships? 

The national office estimates that the cancellation of remaining winter and spring championships resulted in $72 million in savings across all three divisions.