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NCAA Speaking-Engagement Programs


Membership and Student-Athlete Affairs Speaking-Engagement Requests

The NCAA Membership and Student-Athlete Affairs group assists the NCAA membership and, under certain circumstances, the general public, in understanding the Association's legislation. Part of that assistance involves providing speakers for a membership-sponsored or public event involving NCAA rules or regulations (e.g., NCAA Eligibility Center, initial-eligibility requirements, recruiting).

For further information on Membership and Student-Athlete Affairs speaking engagements, please select the appropriate link below:


NCAA Member Conference Meetings

A Membership and Student-Athlete Affairs administrator can be requested to attend an NCAA member conference meeting once per fiscal year to provide assistance, support and present information on topics as requested by the conference office. For more information on this program, please select the link below:


Speakers Grant Program/Drug Education and Wellness

The NCAA provides its membership resources to assist them in educating student-athletes and creating and maintaining an environment that promotes healthy choices about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and other personal health behaviors. Information on this speakers grant program can be found at:

  • The NCAA Health and Safety Speakers grant will become a new grant with a new online process that will be available August 1, 2010.  Please refer to the NCAA Educational Affairs Grant Program for a brief overview.