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NCAA Convention Frequently Asked Questions


When does the 2021 NCAA Convention take place?

The 2021 NCAA Convention will be virtual, with core meetings and events taking place Jan. 12-15. Association-wide education sessions will begin during the core Convention week and continue throughout the remainder of January.

How can I attend the State of College Sports, Honors Celebration and Saluting Excellence?

The State of College Sports, Honors Celebration and Saluting Excellence (formerly Keynote) will be streamed for all Convention participants to view. Convention participants will be able to view the stream through the virtual Convention platform. Those not registered for the Convention will be able to view the streams via NCAA Twitter and

I am registered but am unable to attend because plans changed. What do I do?

If you are a voting delegate, a new delegate should be appointed to vote in your place.

I would like to view a Convention education session but have a schedule conflict. Will it be available at another time?

Recordings of education sessions and session handouts generally will be available on demand after the initial presentation via the virtual Convention platform for the remainder of January. Available sessions and materials will be posted on

What time zone are the sessions listed in?

All NCAA Convention session times are Eastern. The Convention platform will show your local time zone next to the Eastern time.  

What dates will Convention education sessions take place?

Convention education sessions will be offered between Wednesday, Jan. 13, and Wednesday, Jan. 27. Consult the virtual Convention platform to find, attend and re-watch sessions.

Are speaker handouts or video copies of presentations available?

Recordings of education sessions and session handouts generally will be available on demand after the initial presentation via the virtual Convention platform for the remainder of January. Available sessions and materials will be posted on 

Where can I find additional information about this and future NCAA conventions?

More information about the NCAA Convention, including future dates and locations, can be found on

Navigating the Virtual Convention Platform

Logging In

How do I log in to the Convention platform?

To access all the Convention meetings and sessions on the platform, you must first log in here. To do so navigate to the agenda page and click “LOG IN” at the top right. There are two ways to log in/access the platform.

Option 1: In the field on the left side of the window, enter the email you used to register for the event. You will then get a confirmation email to complete the login process.

Option 2: On the right side of the window, enter the email you used to register for the event and your ticket number. If you preregistered with the NCAA before Jan. 6, you should have received a Jan. 6 email with your ticket number from NCAA Convention.

Device Activation

After choosing one of the login options above, your device will be activated. Once your device is activated, you will not have to activate it again for the rest of the Convention. Only one device per attendee can be activated at a time. If you would like to activate a new device, you will have to log in again using this same process. 

Please note: Browsers matter! The virtual Convention platform does not support Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers for this platform.

New Registrants! If you registered on or after Jan. 7, you will use the email address associated with your registration to log in here (insert link) using option 2.

Filtering the Agenda

How can I filter the agenda to find the session I want?

Filter the agenda to see exactly what you want in two different ways:

Filter by “My Interests”: Click the star next to meetings and sessions you’re interested in attending to create your personalized agenda for the Convention.

Once you’ve clicked the star on sessions you’d like to attend, they’ll appear on the “My Interests” tab at the top of the page.

Filter by division: To filter the agenda by division, click the filter button at the top of the page. Then select “Division” and choose the division meetings and sessions you’d like to view.

Can I search the agenda for certain sessions?

Use the search bar at the top of the page to quickly find sessions or speakers. You can also search by topic, such as “mental health” or “diversity.”

Joining a Broadcast

How do I join a session broadcast?

Before a session starts, you will see an indicator that the session will be broadcast.

Two minutes before a session is scheduled to begin, the indicator will become a “Join Broadcast” button for you to join the session broadcast.

During the Convention

I have not received my login instructions, and my meeting or session starts soon.

Email to request your login instructions be resent.

How can I see which sessions are streaming live from the Convention?

Sessions that are live will show “Live” in the session information on the agenda page. There also will be a banner at the top of the agenda page that shows you what is live right now. Previously recorded sessions will show “Watch Recording.”

My session starts in five minutes. I’m logged in, but there is nothing on my screen.

The session broadcast will begin two minutes before the scheduled start time. The streamed session will not begin until the scheduled start time. Stay logged into the session information, and it will begin streaming on schedule. Remember, the sessions are listed in Eastern time.

What if a session has started, but the stream isn’t working?

If you have navigated to the session page and you do not see the stream, try refreshing the page. If you are still having problems viewing the stream, please click the “Need Help?” tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Fill out the form with the issue you are having, and someone will be in touch with you via email shortly.

Whom do I contact for technical help if I continue to have issues accessing sessions?

The virtual Convention platform has a Help Desk available to assist with any issues that you might have. On the navigation bar, click the “Need Help?” tab, fill out the form and give a description of the issue you are having. Someone will be in contact with you via email as soon as possible.

How do I submit questions during education sessions?

If an education session includes a question-and-answer portion, questions will be submitted through the “chat” function. Depending on the session format, the moderator might respond via the chat function for all viewers, or panelists might respond live on video during the presentation.

Appointment of Delegate

How does an NCAA member school or conference appoint a voting delegate?

Presidents, chancellors, directors of athletics and commissioners will receive emails in November providing instructions to gain entry to the school- or conference-specific Appointment of Delegate Form. If a president, chancellor, director of athletics or commissioner needs to have the information resent, someone from his or her office can contact

Why doesn’t a name show up on the drop-down list for voting delegates?

All names are automatically transferred to the Appointment of Delegate system once those individuals register for the NCAA Convention. If a name does not appear in the drop-down box, that means the individual either has not registered for the Convention or did not select your university or conference during the registration process. Ask the individual to complete the registration before trying again. If you continue to have issues, contact

Registration Technical Issues

How long do I have before the registration system times out?

All registrations will time out if not finalized within two hours. Direct additional questions regarding timing out to

How do I get a copy of my confirmation page?

If you have your registration ID, you can log in to the registration system by clicking here. At the bottom of the page, enter your name and registration ID. Once you have accessed your registration, click on the confirmation page, then click on resend confirmation. If you do not have your confirmation code, please email

Why is my school not listed in the drop-down box?

  1. Please verify that you are registering under the correct division.
  2. If your school is in the process of reclassifying from one division to another, you will need to register under the division to which it is reclassifying.
  3. If you are still unable to locate your school in the drop-down list, contact

Tips for a Successful NCAA Convention

Treat the virtual 2021 NCAA Convention like you would an in-person event. Plan to attend sessions that interest you, remain attentive and take advantage of question-and-answer portions.

Join the social media conversation by using the hashtag #NCAAConv.

Limit distractions. Find a quiet space to limit interruptions and take full advantage of everything the 2021 NCAA Convention has to offer.

Test all the technology you plan to use to access the virtual 2021 NCAA Convention meetings and events to ensure everything is connected to the internet and things like your audio or camera work if they’ll be needed for meetings. Please note, the virtual Convention platform does not support Internet Explorer. Convention attendees are encouraged to use Google Chrome or Firefox when accessing sessions.

Locate your laptop charger, phone charger and any other device cables you may need before the start of sessions to ensure an uninterrupted experience.

Consider adding your scheduled meetings and education sessions to your calendar and setting alerts for when they will begin. Use the “Add to Calendar” function within session information on the “Agenda” tab to add sessions to Google Calendar, Outlook and iCalendar.

Have paper and writing instruments available to take notes. Keep in mind, most 2021 NCAA Convention sessions will be recorded and available on demand through January via the virtual Convention platform for future viewing.

Have snacks and water available to help stay focused.

Enjoy the virtual 2021 NCAA Convention!