NCAA: UnitedAsOne

The impact from the COVID-19 virus has been significantly felt across the NCAA’s 1,100-plus institutions and nearly 500,000 student-athletes. On March 12, the global health threat led to the cancellation of the remaining NCAA winter and spring championships. Seasons were canceled before they started. Others ended abruptly. Universities across the country have since shifted to online learning for the rest of the semester. A new normal is still being formed, as the NCAA and its members work together to navigate these difficult times. We do so #UnitedAsOne. 

Membership-led #UnitedAsOne campaign launches

The #UnitedAsOne campaign, created and led by NCAA member schools, started to form less than 24 hours after the remaining NCAA winter and spring championships were canceled due to the evolving global health threat surrounding COVID-19.

Unity, at an unprecedented time, became a rallying cry among the membership of more than 1,100 schools and nearly 500,000 student-athletes across three divisions. It started small. A group of about 50 digital and social media creatives within different athletics departments began direct messaging each other on Twitter on Friday. 

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