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Navigating Through Division II

The NCAA is a complex organization, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The resources provided here help explain the Association and how to operate effectively as a member of Division II. These materials are particularly helpful in navigating membership-related and legislative aspects of athletics administration in Division II.

About the NCAA and Division II

The following links provide a good overview of how Division II fits within the NCAA’s three-division membership structure, and what makes Division II unique among the myriad college choices for prospective student-athletes. 

What is the NCAA?

General information about the NCAA’s composition, mission and purpose.

The NCAA National Office

Descriptions of the functions performed and services provided by each department.

How the NCAA Supports Student-Athletes

Summary of the funding and programming the NCAA provides to enhance the student-athlete experience.

About Division II

Comprehensive package on the division, its history, and its unique attributes.

How Division II Governance Works

Illustration of the committee structure and the democratic process Division II uses to establish legislation and policy.

Bylaw 20: Division II Membership

Replication of Bylaw 20 from the Division II Manual.

Division II Facts and Figures

Quick facts illustrating Division II characteristics.

Division II 2020-21 Priorities

Summary of overarching themes and objectives for the division in the coming year.

Division II Strategic Plan

Overview and summary reports regarding the 2015-21 plan and its five primary goal areas.

Division II Strategic-Positioning Platform

Quick overview of the division’s attributes and characteristics in a manner that would resonate with external audiences.

Tools to Tell the DII Story

Materials and resources to promote the division to campus and community constituents, and to external audiences that might not be familiar with the NCAA’s three-division structure.

Working with NCAA Technology

These resources offer administrators at Division II institutions the following web-based and digital tools and instructions required to conduct membership responsibilities.

RSRO Tip Sheet 

Summary of the “Requests/Self-Reports Online,” which is a tool all divisions use to submit student-athlete reinstatement, interpretation and waiver requests, and to report secondary violations to the national office.

Division II Legislative Relief Guidelines and Directives 

Summary to help users distinguish the types of policy waivers available.

Division II Interpretations Analysis 

Infographic illustrating the process the Academic and Membership Affairs staff applies when making interpretations.

Legislative Services Database for the Internet (LSDBi) 

Database that provides access to legislative proposals, current legislation, interpretations, educational columns and other resources.

Division II Progress-Toward-Degree Directive

Summary to help users distinguish the guidelines for a progress-toward-degree waiver.

Division II Two-Year College Transfer Waiver Directive

Summary to help users distinguish the guidelines for a two-year college transfer waiver.

Compliance Assistant (CA) 

Tool that helps athletics departments track and monitor student-athlete information, including basic contact information, sport participation, progress-toward-degree and financial aid.

Division II Institutional Performance Program 

Interactive database that helps with planning, performance and oversight of intercollegiate athletics programs, specifically in the areas of academics, students, leadership and financial data,

Additional Resources

The following links provide additional information and materials regarding eligibility, academics and compliance.

NCAA Program Hub 

Online tool that establishes a user profile so that basic information doesn’t have to be re-entered for subsequent applications.

Division II Online Education Resource Center (OERC)

Additional links and resources for athletics administrators and coaches.

Path To Graduation 

Tools necessary to successfully navigate the division’s academic landscape and help student-athletes get the most from their educational experience. Additional links and resources for athletics administrators and coaches.

NCAA Eligibility Center  

Primary site for ascertaining eligibility status for prospective student-athletes.

The NCAA Sport Science Institute

Research, resources and best practice recommendations to promote student-athlete health and safety.

Division II Academic Performance Census (APC) Academic Success Rate (ASR) Cohort Inclusion Criteria

“Educational document providing information on the student-athletes to be included in the Division II APC and ASR cohort, the sport each student-athlete should be assigned, and the timeframe by which institutions should continue tracking student-athletes in the Academic Portal.