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Jackson State University Head Baseball Coach Omar Johnson

Coach Omar Johnson was the key piece in shifting the academic culture and athletic success of Jackson State’s baseball team. His leadership and courage to change his recruiting philosophy paid off and has led to his student-athletes winning on the field and in the classroom.

Johnson sees the impact of the AASP grant through the technological offerings now available to traveling student-athletes. “NetTutor and internet on the buses (is key) — we didn’t have study hall on the bus before. Now we can have study hall every time going and coming,” Johnson said.

Johnson also talks about how the Tigers have overhauled their program. “We had to change how we recruit. … We had to change the type of student-athletes that we recruited,” he said. “It takes the entire village. It takes everyone — from communication with the faculty, the academic counselors, academic coaches and administrators. We have a culture and now everyone is singing the same song.”

About the Team

Southwestern Athletic Conference titles: 2013 and 2014.
Proud academic achievement: 19 student-athletes with at least a 3.0 GPA.