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AASP Selection Committee

The AASP Selection Committee is responsible for reviewing applications and selecting recipients for the AASP comprehensive grant, initiatives grant and career development award. Additionally, this committee oversees and conducts both midyear and end-of-year grant renewal meetings with representatives from each of the AASP-funded schools. 

Committee members:

  • Ross Bjork, Texas A&M University
  • Jason Cable, Southwestern Athletic Conference
  • Jacqueline Campbell, NCAA staff (Non-voting)
  • Eric Hall, Elon University
  • Paula Jackson, Hampton University
  • Sara Larson, Morehead State University
  • Eric Monteabaro, University of California at Irvine
  • Pat Roe, Strada Education Network
  • Trayvean Scott, Southern University
  • Ziggy Siegfried, California State University Bakersfield
  • Lynn Thompson, Bethune-Cookman University
  • Katy Yurk, NCAA staff (non-voting)
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The NCAA provides support for schools as they work to meet the NCAA’s academic standards via the Accelerating Academic Success Program, which assists Division I schools as they develop programs and systems designed to increase graduation rates and ensure academic success.

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