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The 16 Principles for Conduct of Intercollegiate Athletics

Legislation enacted by the Association governing the conduct of intercollegiate athletics shall be designed to advance one or more basic principles, including the following, to which the members are committed. In some instances, a delicate balance of these principles is necessary to help achieve the objectives of the Association.

1. Institutional Control and Responsibility

2. Student-Athlete Well-Being

3. Gender Equity

4. Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct

5. Sound Academic Standards

6. Nondiscrimination

7. Diversity Within Governance Structures

8. Rules Compliance

9. Amateurism

10. Competitive Equity

11. Recruiting

12. Eligibility

13. Financial Aid

14. Playing Rules and Practice Seasons

15. Postseason Competition and Contests Sponsored by Noncollegiate Organizations

16. Economy of Athletics Program Operation