Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

SAAC reveals time demands survey results at Division I Issues Forum

Throughout Division I, those who work in college athletics are asking questions about how student-athletes spend their time – and whether the demands of sports allow adequate time for coursework, sleep and a chance to just be college students. This week at the NCAA Convention in San Antonio, Division I schools and conferences began getting some initial feedback from a constituency that knows this issue well: college athletes themselves.

DI SAAC seeks school shirt donations at Convention

The Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will showcase the student-led initiative “One Shirt, One Body” and ask Convention participants to donate new or used college shirts at the 2016 NCAA Convention’s Division I Issues Forum.

Division II SAAC takes positions on Convention legislation

Members of the Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee met in Indianapolis on Nov. 21-22 and established their positions on each piece of legislation that will be considered at the upcoming NCAA Convention. In January, the positions of the committee will be put to action in the first-ever Division II student-athlete votes at the Convention.

Division III SAAC opposes social media deregulation

The Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee supports all but one of the proposals that will be up for vote at January’s NCAA Convention in San Antonio.

NCAA Division II reaches milestone in fundraising for Make-A-Wish

Division II schools, led by the Division II Student Athlete Advisory Committee, raised more than $605,000 for Make-A-Wish during the 2014-15 academic year – the first time the division has surpassed $600,000 and setting a new Division II fundraising record by exceeding last year’s efforts by $37,000.

Division I SAAC to take next step in addressing time demands

Ensuring that college athletes’ time can be balanced appropriately between athletics, academics and other pursuits has become a top priority for the Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee statement on the confederate battle flag

The Division II National Student Athlete Advisory Committee commends the South Carolina Legislature for taking action to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the state capitol grounds. Not only is this a significant moment in the...

DI SAAC statement on NLRB ruling

The Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is pleased with the recent ruling coming out of the National Labor Relations Board. The goal of the few football student-athletes at Northwestern University, to promote and protect the well...

DII national SAAC looks to enhance connection with campuses

This year, members of the Division II national Student-Athlete Advisory Committee are embracing opportunities to participate in the Division II governance process in unprecedented ways. But the committee’s work to enhance the student-athlete voice is far from over.

DIII SAAC discusses game environment, playing seasons

The Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee weighed in on a pair of topics that will be a major focus for Division III through the next two years. When it convened July 18-19 in Indianapolis, Division III SAAC discussed ways to improve game environments and potential changes to playing and practice seasons at length, including roundtable discussions with the Division III Management Council.


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