Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Division II National SAAC-Sponsored Cardiac Health Initiative

The NCAA Division II National Student Athlete Advisory Committee, in collaboration with the NCAA Sport Science Institute, is leading a Cardiac Health Initiative to raise awareness for the cardiac health of college athletes and to increase the number of NCAA community members who are CPR/AED certified.

Board approves new student-athlete committee

During its quarterly meeting at the NCAA Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, the NCAA Board of Governors approved the formation of a new association-wide committee made up of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee representatives from all three divisions to discuss issues that impact athletes at all levels of the Association.

DII SAAC receives certification in CPR, AED

Members of the Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee took a break from their usual fall meeting business to embark on an initiative that could save lives.

DIII SAAC supports Convention proposals

Division III student-athletes have made their voice heard regarding the division’s slate of legislative proposals that will be up for vote at the 2017 NCAA Convention.

Division I SAAC finalizes time management discussions

Division I SAAC has worked diligently to ensure college athletes’ time is properly balanced between academics, athletics and other pursuits.

DIII SAAC continues mental health work

Earlier this year, Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee members made educating their peers on mental health issues a priority.

Division I SAAC addresses time demands

The Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will support seven concepts proposed by the Division I Student-Athlete Experience Committee.

DIII institutes conference grant change

Division III institutions that share a conference with a school on restricted membership status will no longer receive less conference grant funding.

Division III SAAC sets goals for coming year

The Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee decided, over the next year, it would dedicate itself to assisting in the ongoing efforts to improve the environment at Division III athletics contests, educating fellow student-athletes on mental health issues and working to give more of their peers an opportunity to attend the NCAA Convention.

SUNY Oneonta wins DIII ‘It’s On Us’ video contest

The school’s SAAC is the winner of this year’s Division III It’s On Us video contest, which raises awareness regarding campus sexual assaults and preventive measures.


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