DI Council adopts rules to curb early recruiting

A student-athlete's college search will more closely align with that of the general student body under new rules adopted this week by the Division I Council that are designed to curb early recruiting. The Council met April 18-19 in Indianapolis.

Four sites selected for youth basketball camps

The NCAA has selected locations and dates for its newly created youth development college basketball camps.

Council introduces early recruiting proposals

The Division I Council introduced into the legislative cycle two proposals that would change the recruiting rules to better align the student-athlete’s college search with that of the general student body.

Division I Council adopts recruiting legislation

Most prospective student-athletes will follow a recruiting model that resembles the schedule other students follow when choosing where to go to college, the Division I Council decided this week.

DI Council introduces early recruiting proposal

A proposed Division I recruiting model would provide prospective student-athletes the opportunity to make more informed decisions.

Board rescinds camps and clinics rule, directs Council to review football recruiting model

The Division I Board of Directors today rescinded a rule prohibiting Football Bowl Subdivision coaches from holding or working at camps and clinics away from their school, adopted earlier this month by the Division I Council.

DIII Management Council opposes amendment to recruiting legislation

Despite some debate, the Division III Management Council has come to agree with the Division III Recruiting Working Group regarding a proposal that allows coaches to contact recruits on site on any day at multi-day athletic competitions. The original proposal allows coaches to speak with potential student-athletes at any time during the competition as long as they or their coaches consent.


NCAA schools promote the well-being of student-athletes by seeking to create a fair recruiting environment and limit intrusions into the lives of student-athletes and their families.

DIII committee voices opposition to football proposal

The Division III Interpretations and Legislation Committee voted against membership legislation that would reshape football’s offseason, among other actions related to student-athlete benefits and recruiting.

DIII Championships budget reduction proposal advances

The Division III Management Council voted in favor of five proposals from the Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee during its meeting this week in Indianapolis, which will eliminate an estimated $2.17 million from the...


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