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Division III Presidents Council approves cost-cutting measures, eyes future deficits

The Division III Presidents Council endorsed five recommendations from the Division III Management Council that will cut a projected $2.17 million from the division’s championships budget. All of the measures pertain to championships...

Division II Presidents Council supports unlimited meals and snacks

DII Presidents Council approved a proposal permitting unlimited meals and snacks for student-athletes in conjunction with their athletics participation.

You don’t have to be a fanatic to be a fan of DIII sports

I am a person who grew up before Title IX and before women's athletics were deemed important. I don't even remember whether my high school had women's teams; if they did, neither I nor any of my friends ever went to a game. I attended a...

DIII Championships budget reduction proposal advances

The Division III Management Council voted in favor of five proposals from the Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee during its meeting this week in Indianapolis, which will eliminate an estimated $2.17 million from the...

DIII Presidents Council advances recruiting proposals to Convention vote

The Division III Presidents Council endorsed a pair of proposals from the Division III Recruiting Working Group that would give coaches more freedom to contact potential student-athletes. The council also voted to delay increasing per-diem expenses for championships participants.

DII Presidents Council sponsors proposal to eliminate special voting

The Division II Presidents Council passed a recommendation from the Management Council to eliminate the division’s constitutional bylaw that permits special voting legislation, which allows voting on football issues to be limited only to schools and conferences that sponsor the sport.

DII Membership Committee develops proposal to create personnel requirements

During its February meeting in Indianapolis, the Division II Membership Committee discussed the components of its legislative proposal, which would require all Division II members to employ a full-time athletics director and a full-time compliance administrator who have no coaching responsibilities.

DIII Presidents Council eyes key topics for future

The Division III Presidents Council discussed increased championship travel expenses, which will necessitate spending cuts. It also broached the youth sports culture and how the push for specialization is affecting the division and said goodbye to two members, including chair Jack Ohle.

DII explores ideas for new slogan

During their joint meeting at the NCAA Convention, the Division II Management Council and Presidents Council discussed possible messages that could be conveyed by a new externally facing slogan.

Division II Presidents Council

Glen Jones, President, Henderson State University - Committee Chair Purpose : The Presidents Council is Division II’s highest governance office. Its members are charged with setting the strategic direction for the division in all areas,...


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