Five ways to have an LGBTQ-inclusive athletics department

This resource serves as a guide to ensure athletics departments are providing an environment that is inclusive of all student-athletes, especially those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or questioning. Included in...

NCAA to host inclusion forum and committee meetings in La Jolla

NCAA to host annual inclusion forum this week in California for its membership and external constituents. Attendees will learn about issues/topics/trends impacting intercollegiate athletics from a diversity/inclusion standpoint.

Mind, Body and Sport: Harassment and discrimination – LGBTQ student-athletes

By Susan Rankin and Genevieve Weber Perhaps nowhere is the expression “the only constant is change” more evident than in higher education. The experiences of college students, including student-athletes, are ever changing, which means that...

Mind, Body and Sport: Student-athletes in transition

By Penny Semaia It’s been 10 years since I last strapped on a helmet and played the game that has done so much for me. Yet, I still have this bond with football that seems to never go away. It’s almost like a sixth sense that pops up when...

Athlete’s advocacy leads the way for LGBTQ

Named after a fictional lawyer who stood up for what he believed in, Cornell’s Atticus DeProspo is following in similar footsteps.

Coccia leaves a legacy of positive change

From building LGBTQ alliance to serving as student-body president, this Notre Dame fencer graduates this month a champion of social causes.

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