Survey provides look into DII insurance practices

A new Division II survey is offering an important look into the ways Division II schools are providing health insurance coverage for college athletes.

NCAA and LEAD1 Association to collaborate on insurance study for student-athletes

The National Collegiate Athletic Association and LEAD1 Association have agreed to conduct a joint study of university and college insurance practices and how they support student-athletes.

NCAA catastrophic injury coverage enhanced

The NCAA catastrophic injury insurance program benefits have been enhanced for student-athletes who have suffered severe athletics-related injuries.

Survey: Most DI schools provide injury coverage

A new survey indicates that a majority of Division I institutions provide insurance coverage to their student-athletes for athletically related injuries and that student-athletes at relatively few schools incur out-of-pocket costs related to an injury.

Loss-of-Value Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions about loss-of-value insurance coverage.

Loss-of-Value Insurance White Pape: Executive Summary

There are multiple insurance products available to help student-athletes protect potential future earnings in the face of severe injuries during their college career. One is a permanent total disability insurance policy. The NCAA arranges this coverage through its Exception Student-Athlete Disability Insurance (ESDI) Program. Another insurance product available is known as loss-of-value coverage, which is not offered through the NCAA ESDI Program.

Loss-of-Value Insurance White Paper

A report designed to explain what disability coverage options may be available for student-athletes and how they work.

Loss-of-value insurance information

Loss-of-value insurance policies protect a player’s future contract value from decreasing below a pre-established amount due to a significant injury or illness suffered during the designated coverage period. The NCAA does not offer loss-of...

Insurance Coverage for Student-Athletes

The topic of benefits provided to student-athletes consumes sports media today. In these discussions, injuries and insurance are regularly brought up. Unfortunately, the insurance programs currently provided are often reported inaccurately, or not at all.

Catastrophic injury reporting requirement starts Aug. 1

Beginning on Aug. 1, all NCAA member schools will be required to report any catastrophic injuries incurred by their student-athletes, a mandate that supports a new comprehensive and accurate structure for tracking those injuries.


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