Fall 2016

Global Opportunities

The last five years have shown increased interest in sports that haven’t traditionally drawn international competitors.

Cross Their Hearts

University of Virginia student-athletes Ryan Lukacovic and Michael Rhoads took up riding for a reason.

A Focus on What Matters

College sports provoke so much passion in our country, and even college presidents are not immune to the thrill of game day.

A Team for Life

Monica Miles was always close with her cousins. They grew up in New England, all within a couple of hours’ drive.

A Man for All Seasons

Jim Moore, a dean at La Salle, got to experience a snippet of life on college teams – all 22 of them on his campus.

Speaking for Herself

A few months before she enrolled at Valdosta State, Kayla Robles stood in front of her bedroom mirror and practiced a slew of familiar phrases.

Still Running

Lisa Parlette was in Wilmington, Ohio, on May 9, 2015, because her daughter, Jenna, would have graduated that day.

Pride Before Bribe

A college basketball player caught up in the 1950s point-shaving scandal lands on the right side of history.

The American Way

The topic of NCAA President Mark Emmert’s speech in Rijeka, Croatia, was familiar: challenges facing college sports in America.


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