Fall 2015

Room in This Margin

In 1981, with most of its NCAA championship-winning roster returning from the year before – including four first-team All-Americans – expectations were lofty for the Stanford University men’s water polo team.

A Load Off Their Feet

Vanderbilt University athletics likes to offer unique opportunities on an overseas trip for student-athletes. But this year, the adventure wasn’t just exciting but historic: a chance to visit Cuba.

Load Up

Fueling stations have become common additions to athletics facilities nationwide. But when it comes to stocking them, where should you start?

A Membership Milestone

Nebraska Wesleyan University will soon forgo its dual membership in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and NCAA to align itself exclusively with NCAA Division III. A mundane transition? Hardly.

Hitting the Book

Most football players show up at Media Day with confidence and cliches. Malcolm Mitchell brought a book.

They’ve got his number

Parker Moore should have taken the field with his Linfield College football teammates this fall. But in November 2014, on a day that was otherwise filled with reason to celebrate, Moore was stabbed to death by a stranger in the checkout line of a 7-Eleven.

From There to Here: Head Shots to Head Coach

A longtime actor decides he has grown weary of Hollywood’s traps and trappings and retires to spend life by the pool. That’s how the narrative typically ends. But David Andriole’s story isn’t over, and the pool in question isn’t a sun-drenched oasis on the West Coast.

The Short Walk

A huge rivalry in Arkansas pits Henderson State University against Ouachita Baptist University – two schools separated by two lanes of U.S. Highway 67, over which the visiting team walks to its opponent’s field on game day in the shortest road trip in football.

Lessons Learned

Colleges and universities searching for answers that help curb sexual violence and assault on campus might find some helpful examples in their peers at the U.S. military academies.

Her Success – and Theirs

Cecelia Lykes returned to college with three kids and dreams for her future – and emerged as an Academic All-American


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