NCAA and Defense Department expand concussion study with $22.5 million

The world’s most comprehensive concussion study is being dramatically expanded with an infusion of nearly $22.5 million in new funding from the U.S. Department of Defense and the NCAA to examine the impacts of head injuries over several years.

Concussion Safety Protocol Template

The following template is designed as an aid for NCAA schools to consider using in order to satisfy Divisions I, II and III concussion safety protocol legislation. The template includes all components of the NCAA Concussion Safety Protocol...

CSMAS forms new concussion advisory group

A new concussion advisory group will soon be formed to help guide the implementation of accepted best practices on campus.

CARE Consortium: Effect of immediate removal from activity after concussion

It seems intuitive that athletes who are removed from play soon after a concussion might experience better outcomes than those who continue to press on, but is that the case?

CARE Consortium: Quantifying the value of concussion assessment models

A litany of concussion assessment tools are available to practitioners, but what test — or combination of tests — is most effective in making an accurate diagnosis?

CARE Consortium: Influence of age at first concussion

Does the age that an individual first experiences a concussion have an influence on the number of subsequent concussions someone may experience?

CARE Consortium: Predicting collegiate athlete baseline neurocognitive scores

Cognitive abilities among athletes will inevitably vary, and results on baseline tests will reflect those variations. But what factors contribute to those differences?

CARE Consortium: Baseline performance of NCAA athletes

What cognitive differences are present between student-athletes in contact and noncontact sports?

CARE Consortium: White matter abnormalities after concussion

As concussion symptoms abate, is the brain recovering at the same pace at the cellular level?


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