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DII Presidents Council lowers maximum, minimum number of contests

For the 2020-21 academic year, the number of contests required in DII for sport sponsorship and championships selection, as well as the maximum number of contests allowed, will be reduced as a result of financial impacts from COVID-19.

DIII Presidents Council considers student-athlete compensation for promotions and endorsements

Division III student-athletes would be able to be compensated for tutoring, private lessons, book publishing, modeling or autographs, according to two concepts discussed by the Presidents Council at its meeting this week.

DII Presidents Council approves changes to long-range budget to address revenue reduction

The Division II Presidents Council on Wednesday approved changes to the division’s long-range budget to address the reduction in revenue for the current fiscal year.

DII Presidents Council approves budget allocations, distribution to schools

The Division II Presidents Council has approved a series of budget allocations that include a supplemental distribution to all Division II schools and a reimbursement of local ground transportation costs for schools that participated in 2018-19 championships.

DII Presidents Council opposes transfer proposal

The Division II Presidents Council this week took formal positions on seven membership-sponsored proposals for the 2020 NCAA Convention, voting to support five proposals and oppose two, including a long-discussed transfer proposal.

DIII Presidents Council supports snacks proposal

The Division III Presidents Council took positions this week on five key membership-sponsored proposals that will be up for vote at the 2020 NCAA Convention.

DII Presidents Council approves funding for proposed Athletes into Medicine and Science pilot

Division II has pledged financial support for a proposed pilot program aimed at increasing the number of African-American male student-athletes pursuing careers in medicine and biomedical research.

DIII Presidents Council approves strategic plan

Division III’s budget and strategic plan for the next two years have been formally approved.

DII Presidents Council does not sponsor notification of transfer model

The Division II Presidents Council opposed a heavily discussed transfer concept that was recently established in Division I, determining that the “notification of transfer” model will not advance through the governance structure as a Division II proposal for the 2020 NCAA Convention.

DIII student-athletes soon may be included in NCAA Transfer Portal

Division III student-athletes soon may be permitted to be included in the NCAA Transfer Portal like their peers in Divisions I and II.


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