Management Council

DIII Management Council opposes acclimatization proposal

One of Division III’s top governing bodies has opposed a 2019 Convention proposal that would alter the preseason in field hockey and soccer.

Division II Management Council takes positions on membership-sponsored proposals

The Division II Management Council this week weighed in on four legislative proposals that were sponsored by Division II members for a vote at the 2019 NCAA Convention in January.

DIII Management Council proposes loosening rules on meals, snacks

Rules related to what meals and snacks Division III schools can provide to student-athletes may soon grow more permissive.

DII Management Council supports transfer proposal

One month after Division I adopted a new rule that gives more control to student-athletes looking to transfer, support is growing for a similar change in Division II.

DII Management Council supports replacing coaches test

The Division II Management Council this week recommended replacing the mandatory coaches certification test with required completion of modules in Division II University, the new online educational program launching this spring.

DIII Management Council recommends new preseason football legislation

Rules related to the Division III football preseason are again the focus of discussion and legislative action.

DIII Management Council recommends amended SAAC proposal

The ongoing discussion regarding the composition of the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee evolved significantly this week.

DII Management Council supports 2 proposals

The Division II Management Council this week took official positions in support of the two Division II membership-sponsored proposals that will be voted on at the 2018 NCAA Convention.

DII council recommends 4 proposals

Playing and practice season start dates, sports wagering penalties and student-athlete awards are the focus of four legislative proposals that received support this week from the Division II Management Council.

New DIII graduate transfer proposal advances

Rules pertinent to graduate transfers and eligibility in Division III likely will be subject to another membership vote in 2018.


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