Committee on Academics

DI Committee on Academics suggests pause to academic penalties

The Division I Committee on Academics recommended the Division I Board of Directors pause the penalties associated with the Academic Performance Program spring 2021 public release for the data collected this fall.

DI Committee on Academics adjusts Academic Performance Program policies

The Committee on Academics made two adjustments to the Academic Performance Program as a result of the group’s holistic review of the program. The group met virtually Monday, May 11.

DI Committee on Academics discusses transfer eligibility

The Division I Committee on Academics continued a discussion of potential models that would allow student-athletes in all sports who meet academic criteria to transfer and compete immediately. The committee met Feb. 11-12 in Indianapolis.

DI Committee on Academics seeks feedback on Academic Performance Program

As part of a holistic review begun last fall, the Division I Committee on Academics wants to hear from member representatives, particularly compliance and academics personnel, about the Academic Performance Program, including the Academic Progress Rate.

DI Committee on Academics to provide academic integrity best practices

This fall, the Division I Committee on Academics will distribute to Division I members standards of review and suggested best practices for monitoring and preventing serious academic integrity issues on campus.

DI Committee on Academics provides feedback on academic integrity

The Division I Committee on Academics supported several suggested changes to academic integrity rules and policies forwarded to the membership for comment by the Division I Presidential Forum last month.

DI Committee on Academics continues academic program review

The Division I Committee on Academics continued its comprehensive review of the Academic Performance Program, focusing discussions this quarter on four different aspects of the Academic Progress Rate.

DI to take fresh look at academic integrity rules

The Division I Committee on Academics began reviewing academic integrity rules this week with an eye toward working with other Division I governance bodies to clarify and enhance the rules adopted in 2016.

DI committee recommits to transfer recommendations

The Division I Committee on Academics reaffirmed recommendations it gave earlier this year to the Division I Council Transfer Working Group, including its support for a rule change that would eliminate the ability of coaches and schools to restrict aid to student-athletes after transferring.

DI Committee on Academics considers transfer rule changes

The Division I Committee on Academics will recommend to the Transfer Working Group that four-year transfer student-athletes who meet specific grade-point average and progress-toward-degree requirements be able to compete immediately at the second school.


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