Championships Committee

Committee recommends DIII championships enhancements

The Division III Championships Committee endorsed recommendations from the Division III Wrestling Committee and Division III Women’s Rowing Committee that could carry an annual price tag of more than $50,000.

Division II Championships Committee votes to publish selection criteria data

In a move to make the championship selection process more transparent, the Division II Championships Committee voted to begin routinely publishing the data used in ranking teams.

DII committee recommends changes to rules on automatic qualification

The Division II Championships Committee last week recommended a multi-part proposal that could change the way some teams qualify for Division II championships.

DII Championships Committee addresses soccer field size

The Division II Championships Committee supported a move to ensure all NCAA postseason soccer games are played on fields that comply with the 2015-16 rules book.

Division III budget cuts reconsidered

Division III budget cuts implemented last year are already being reexamined and, eventually, some may be reversed. The Division III Championships Committee convened on May 27-28 in Indianapolis and recommended that a pair of those cutbacks – reduced per diem for athletes traveling for championship events and the elimination of per diem for athletes at host schools – be reconsidered.

Division II Championships Committee takes closer look at officiating fees

At a recent meeting in Indianapolis, the committee reviewed the fees paid to officials at NCAA championships, kicking off a larger discussion on the state of officiating in Division II.

DII Championships Committee recommends budget reallocations

The Division II Championships Committee recommended allocating more than $800,000 of the championships budget to fulfill requests intended to increase participation opportunities for student-athletes and improve their championships experience.

DI golf committees recommend tweaks to 2015 championships

The NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Golf committees are recommending an adjustment to the format for the 2015 championship finals site. The change will replace the individuals-only day on Monday with play by the top 15 teams and nine individuals not on one of the advancing teams.

With eye on budget, committee votes against increase for per diem expenses

DIII Championships Committee recommends against proposals that would cost $1 million in added travel expenses for championship events.

Division II Championships Committee

Sue Willey, Division II Championships Committee Chair Purpose : The Championships Committee is the primary oversight group responsible for administering policies and procedures surrounding the division’s 25 championships. The committee...


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