Championships Committee

Proposal caps brackets at 75% for Division III winter, spring championships

The Division III Championships Committee on Tuesday recommended that winter and spring 2021 national championship brackets and field sizes should not exceed 75% of their standard capacity.

Regional rankings protocol set in Division III

The Division III Championships Committee decided 20% of teams per region will be included in regional rankings in all sports when a new regional alignment plan takes effect in 2021-22.

Proposal would affect when schools count toward automatic qualification waiting period

The Division III Championships Committee recommended allowing schools in year three of the provisional or reclassifying process, but not year two, to count toward a conference’s waiting period for automatic qualification in a division championship.

DIII Championships Committee advances realignment discussion

The Division III Championships Committee convened last month in Indianapolis, weighing in on membership-sponsored legislation and advancing the ongoing regional realignment discussion, among other topics.

Division II Championships Committee recommends changes to neutrality policy

With the goal of enhancing the atmosphere of postseason competition, the Division II Championships Committee is recommending loosening a policy that commands neutrality during championship preliminary rounds.

DIII Championships Committee shifts approach to regional realignment

In response to feedback from Division III members and sport committees, the Division III Championships Committee has recalibrated its approach to regional realignment.

DIII Championships Committee supports regional realignment

The Division III Championships Committee expressed support for a detailed proposal from the Division III Commissioners Association that would realign regions across Division III.

DIII committee proposes more joint basketball championships

Division III men’s and women’s basketball may soon hold joint championships again with Divisions I and II.

DIII committee backs alcohol sales at joint championships

While Division III members have expressed little interest in allowing alcohol sales at standalone Division III championships, beer and wine may soon be permitted at any future joint championships held with Division I.

Alcohol sales pilot fails to receive recommendation in DIII

While Division I schools may adopt a change to allow alcohol sales at NCAA championships, it appears Division III will likely continue barring alcohol at its championship events.


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