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Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson

By Gary Brown When SUNY New Paltz Athletics Director Stuart Robinson faced forks in the road during his career, he took them. It’s just that he took them in directions other people might not have figured. Twenty years ago when...

Sabermetrician is a calculated decision

By Gary Brown Ask people what they think of sabermetrics and you’re likely to get, “Yeah, that was really cool in Star Wars.” But ask Caltech student-athlete Susan Ballentine about it and she’ll say it’s what she wants to do for a...

Florida A&M ’backer is ‘what we stand for’

By Michelle Brutlag Hosick In many ways, Brandon Hepburn is an extraordinary human being. He walked on to the Florida A&M football team while carrying a full academic load in biochemistry. During his summer internship, he...

A tone of tradition

Champion Digital | Videos by Courtney Cronin | Story by Kayci Woodley “It’s just as passionate and tension-ridden as any game you’re ever going to play in. It’s like playing in the Super Bowl. If you lose you’re labeled a loser and if you...

Reconnaissance Man

Think you know what it takes to get a football team from Point A to Point B?

San Jose's historic feet

50 years ago, San Jose State became the first integrated team to win the Division I cross country title.

A life with twists and tucks

By Gary Brown Like many young girls, Paige Kortman’s first “athletics” experience was in ballet. Obviously, though, from the photos on this page and on the cover of this magazine, Paige Kortman is not a ballerina. “I got kicked...

Spiking interest

Sand volleyball serves notice about gaining NCAA championship status

Schedules to keep

Northwestern arranges a special gift for a special fan.

A family matter

Alma mater and rival come together to support family in need.


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