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High school grants

The NCAA Eligibility Center’s “Get The Word Out” grants are designed to support community-based innovation as high schools educate their college-bound student-athletes about new Division I initial-eligibility standards. The grants highlight the NCAA’s commitment to ensure student-athletes are prepared for academic success even before they arrive on campus.

Schools and districts receiving grants will document their program or event and provide a summary report to the NCAA Eligibility Center, creating a resource list of winning ideas for student-athlete education.

Grant-winning proposals include community workshops; outreach to middle school students and parents; intensive, one-on-one academic planning with student-athletes in a large urban school district; educational summer camps; and development of video tutorials to inspire academic achievement in high school students. Grant recipients include both public and private schools and districts in urban, suburban and rural settings, and many of the recipients are poised to educate college-bound student-athletes in states which account for a majority of students registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Bangor Area High School – Bangor, Pennsylvania

Bangor Area High School will conduct an NCAA Boot Camp for student-athletes in grades 7-11. The purpose of the program is to introduce student-athletes to the NCAA eligibility process and educate them about the importance of academics, study skills and academic planning. The program will familiarize student-athletes with the requirements for NCAA initial eligibility, stressing the importance of high school grades. Each participant will also be guided through lessons on organization, time management and study skills.

Ben Davis High School – Indianapolis, Indiana

Ben Davis High School is building the infrastructure to identify, plan, prepare and track the progress of student-athletes from middle school through high school. They are working to ensure the importance of academics and working toward being accepted at a four-year college. They feel that college admissibility has a direct effect on NCAA initial eligibility. Part of this process will be partnering with families in group and individual sessions to assess and strategize a student’s academic progress.

Central High School – Carrollton, Georgia

Central High School is coordinating a campaign to increase student and parent knowledge about NCAA requirements and the academic and athletic opportunities available to student-athletes at te NCAA colleges and universities in Divisions I, II and III. Staff members and volunteers will conduct educational seminars. Public service announcements about NCAA opportunities and requirements will also be played at every home athletic event.

Crestwood High School – Mantua, Ohio

Crestwood High School will sponsor a Recruiting and Academic Readiness for College-Bound Athletes seminar for families and student-athletes. The goals of the seminar are to increase awareness and knowledge of NCAA academic standards as well as dispel myths and misinformation about the recruiting process.

E.C. Glass High School – Lynchburg, Virginia

E.C. Glass High School and its Pathway to the NCAA program aims to combat the barriers that prevent students from matriculating as NCAA student-athletes. The program specifically targets more than 2,000 middle and high school student-athletes in the Lynchburg City Schools. Leaders will meet with families at the beginning of each athletic season, targeting student-athletes in grades 6-12. The program seeks to increase awareness of NCAA readiness for student-athletes and their families and provide hands-on resources so families are encouraged and empowered to advocate for their student-athletes.

East St. Louis Senior High School – East St. Louis, Illinois

East St. Louis Senior High School will employ a dual approach, educating and arming their counselors and coaches with knowledge and information about NCAA academic standards. They will conduct quarterly team meetings, parent meetings and Saturday workshops to ensure everyone is receiving the necessary information about studying and competing at the next level.

Har-Ber High School – Springdale, Arkansas

Har-Ber High School will educate student-athletes and their families about the changes in Division I and Division II initial-eligibility requirements. They will conduct evening and weekends meetings in an effort to accommodate working families. 

Pendleton High School – Pendleton, Oregon

Pendleton High School and its ASPIRE program will educate students on the NCAA initial-eligibility process and assist them with academic planning, time management and other skills needed to be successful at the collegiate level.

The School District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The School District of Philadelphia will conduct regional seminars across its middle and high schools, aimed at educating more than 10,000 student-athletes and their families. The goal is a unified approach, using school counselors and athletics administrators to provide workshops and resources to parents and students on NCAA initial eligibility, the recruiting process and academic success from middle school through graduation.

Springdale High School – Springdale, Arkansas

Springdale High School will host meetings for families and student-athletes aimed at providing information and addressing questions about the NCAA and initial-eligibility process. Topics will include college selection, recruiting and academic standards. Students and families with then attend individualized meetings to advise, prepare and plan.

 Waukegan High School – Waukegan, Illinois

Waukegan High School will provide staff development for all high school coaches, middle school athletics coordinators, and middle school and high school counselors. Their professional development will cover how middle school grades influence high school achievement, the NCAA Eligibility Center registration and certification process, and the differences in recruiting among the three NCAA divisions.

Yazoo City High School – Yazoo City, Mississippi

Yazoo City High School will assist students and families in becoming more prepared academically by conducting several sessions that will cover information on meeting the NCAA initial-eligibility standards Students will understand the requirements early in their academic careers so they are adequately prepared to meet the standards necessary to manage time while studying and participating in sports at the collegiate level.