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Why has my account not been processed yet?

Future student-athlete frequently asked questions



In order for you to receive an academic certification, you must have on file the following items:

  • A final transcript with proof of graduation.
  • Transcripts from any high schools attended.
  • SAT or ACT test scores.
  • No open academic tasks.
  • Be on an NCAA Division I or II school's Institutional Request List (IRL). Activation to an IRL notifies the NCAA Eligibility Center that the school wants an evaluation completed for you. Only accounts for students listed on an IRL will be processed.

For an amateurism certification, you must complete all of your sports participation questions and request your final amateurism certification. This can be done beginning October 1 for winter/spring enrollees or April 1 for fall enrollees. You will be alerted when it is time to do so by the Eligibility Center, so be sure to regularly check the email address registered in your account.


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