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What is a Matriculation letter (MTR)? Why is it required?

Future student-athlete frequently asked questions


This document is required if you complete post-graduate coursework (courses after you have graduated from high school). This document is required to confirm your first full-time enrollment in any college or university, whether it is in the past or a future date of full-time enrollment. This will also be required if you complete ACT or SAT exams after graduation.

The certification staff will assign a task to you for this letter if it is needed to continue your review. Once the Matriculation Letter is received, the document should be reviewed within 24-48 business hours. This task cannot be marked complete by the student, but will be marked complete once the document is reviewed by staff.

Who can send this document?

  • Division I or II college or university staff who are actively recruiting the student. Two-year colleges or any other collegiate institution cannot provide this to the NCAA Eligibility Center on behalf of the student.