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What are the terms and conditions for a student registration?

Future student-athlete frequently asked questions



TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Welcome and thank you for establishing an account with the NCAA Eligibility Center (“Account”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing and using your Account. Together with the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, your access to and use of your Account is subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms”). By accessing and using the Eligibility Center website and your Account, you agree to these Terms, which constitute a legal agreement between you and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”). These Terms may be amended or modified, or new terms and conditions may be imposed, from time to time, and any such changes or additions will be reflected by an update of this posting. Please check these Terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of the Eligibility Center website and your Account following the implementation of any such changes will constitute your acceptance of those changes.


By establishing an Account, you acknowledge and agree to comply with applicable NCAA bylaws relating to prospective student-athletes, including:

  • Bylaw 10.1 (Unethical Conduct)
  • Bylaw (Pre-Enrollment Academic Misconduct)


You hereby authorize the NCAA:

  • To request and/or receive any records relating to your academics, athletics participation, or amateur status from all individuals, schools, educational entities, and athletics organizations from whom you have received academic or athletic instruction, at which you have been enrolled, or in which you have participated in athletics activities (including leagues, clubs, teams, tournaments, associations, school districts, sanctioning or governing bodies), or other entities with knowledge of, or records relating to, your academics, athletics participation, or amateur status (each, a “Custodian”). Such records include, but are not limited to: academic transcripts; grades and GPA; attendance records; coursework; proof of graduation; records regarding the diagnosis of, and accommodations provided or approved for, any education-impacting disability; contracts (e.g., agent contracts, team contracts); records relating to your participation in, or eligibility for, sports league drafts (professional or otherwise); records relating to your earning, collecting, or receiving prize money, salary, scholarship, or other benefits for academic- or athletic-related performance; records relating to your participation in athletics practices, tryouts, scrimmages, or competitions; and records relating to your participation in any athletics activities with professional athletes.
  • To request and/or receive from ACT, Inc., The College Board, and/or Educational Testing Service (ETS), any information (e.g., records, results) relating to your completion of, or attempts at completing, any and all exams administered, developed, published, or scored by them (e.g., ACT, SAT), and to discuss such information with those entities.
  • To release any and all information submitted by you, on your behalf, or concerning you (which may include your personally identifiable information) (“Information”) to: the Custodians; ACT, Inc., The College Board, Educational Testing Service (ETS), and any other testing service or agency whose test scores are included in your Information; to the NCAA’s representatives and agents authorized to assist the NCAA in carrying out its administrative functions, including initial-eligibility certification; and to any NCAA member institution (or entity representing an NCAA member institution) requesting your eligibility information, in each case to the extent that providing or making available such Information is necessary to determine, verify, report, or review your NCAA eligibility and/or to ensure the completeness or validity of your academic credentials and/or amateur status.
  • To disclose Information to other third parties (e.g., media outlets) as necessary to correct any reported inaccuracies or misrepresentations concerning any information related to the NCAA’s review of your initial academic eligibility and/or amateur status.

Any disclosure of your Information as permitted hereunder will not constitute a violation of your rights, including any rights you may have under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.


You hereby acknowledge and agree that the NCAA may use the Information:

  • To certify your initial academic eligibility and amateur status to participate in NCAA athletics, and to disclose the Information (including your eligibility status) to any NCAA institution (and its authorized agents) that requests it, or to ACT, Inc., The College Board, Educational Testing Service (ETS), or any other testing service or agency whose test scores are included in your Information.
  • In connection with any process, operation, or function of the NCAA, including any investigation into a member’s compliance with NCAA rules, bylaws, or policies, and any related infractions adjudication or hearing. For example, and for purposes of clarity, NCAA Eligibility Center staff members may share your Information with NCAA Enforcement staff members to the extent such Information is potentially relevant to determining whether a violation of an NCAA bylaw has occurred. The NCAA may further share such Information with NCAA member institutions and other interested individuals, and their respective authorized agents, with a need to know such Information for the applicable administrative process.
  • For research purposes, including research about athletics eligibility, academic preparation, and the academic or athletic performance of student-athletes before, during, or after enrollment at an NCAA member institution. Such research may be published or distributed to third parties, provided that your personally identifiable information will be omitted or redacted to the extent required by law or otherwise deemed necessary or appropriate by the NCAA.
  • To provide you with information about the NCAA, NCAA competition, or college preparation and attendance.

The NCAA Eligibility Center may not process a final certification if no NCAA member institution requests your initial academic eligibility or amateur status.


Incorrect evaluation and determination of initial academic eligibility or amateur status is often the result of invalid, outdated, incomplete or fraudulent information provided by college-bound student-athletes, academic institutions, high schools, athletics teams or clubs, tournaments, sanctioning bodies or other related entities. The NCAA Eligibility Center will take reasonable steps to correct or remedy any error in the handling, shipping, processing, assessing or evaluating your Information, to the extent such error is caused by the NCAA. However, you acknowledge and agree that the NCAA has no duty to authenticate the validity or accuracy of any Information submitted to it, whether by you or another Custodian. You further understand that participation in collegiate athletics is a privilege and not a legal entitlement, and that the NCAA initial-eligibility certification process is a condition to your participation in NCAA athletics.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall the NCAA or any of its employees, officers, agents, representatives, or members be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, exemplary or consequential damages resulting or arising from your application for initial-eligibility certification, including any incorrect evaluation or determination of your initial eligibility. You further understand and agree that a refund of your application fee will be the exclusive remedy available to you for any errors caused or committed by the NCAA in connection with your application for initial-eligibility certification.

You also to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the NCAA, its employees, officers, agents, representatives, and members from and against all liability for all claims, actions, suits, procedures, damages, demands, losses, and costs arising from or out of (i) your submission of any Information to the NCAA; (ii) the use, evaluation, disclosure, and/or dissemination of any Information provided by you or others, including the NCAA’s decision or ruling on your eligibility status, the timing of such decision or ruling on your eligibility status, and the use of your Information by the NCAA and other as authorized by these Terms.

The foregoing release and indemnity is governed by the laws of the State of Indiana, and is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by such laws. If any portion thereof is held invalid, the balance will continue in full legal force and effect. For purposes of clarity, any release or right granted to the NCAA under these Terms includes a release or right granted to any department within the NCAA, or any authorized agent acting on the NCAA’s behalf.


In the event a duplicate registration was completed and duplicate payment was processed, you may be eligible for a refund of the duplicate registration fee(s). A completed refund request must be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center for consideration. No refunds will be given due to nonparticipation or disinterest at an NCAA college or university.


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