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I sent my transcript and/or test scores, why has my task not closed yet?

Future student-athlete frequently asked questions



The length of time it takes to receive and process your transcript depends on how your high school sends it (U.S. mail, overnight delivery service, email, approved e-transcript provider or direct upload). The quickest and easiest way for your high school to send a transcript is for them to upload it through their high school account in the NCAA Eligibility Center's High School Portal. Once the transcript has been received and connected to your account, the task will close automatically.

For all other submissions options except direct upload, please allow two to five days processing time from the day of receipt, depending on the method of submission. 

As for test scores, it can take up to 10 business days from the time you request they be sent for us to receive your test scores from the testing agency. Once the scores are received and connected to your account, your test score task will be closed automatically.


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